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Solving The Issue Of Disabling The Kernel Update From Yum

You should check these recovery methods if you get an error code to disable kernel update.

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    This package will probably be the most useful tool for a Linux user. You can customize, update and uninstall any software / package directly from your Linux system for a one-time fee. Sometimes, but sometimes there are times when you need precise control over which package to install or update, and which should not be automatically updated.

    yum disable kernel upgrade

    Why should homeowners do this? Well at work you find that the updated version of Perfect Package is buggy. They don’t need to upgrade this package the next time they run sudo yummy upgrade . And it hurts to update each package individually.

    In this tutorial, we will see how to prevent certain packages from being restored or updated on the market, as well as how to prevent certain versions of packages or corn kernels from being installed.

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  • Note. It’s helpful to forget about what’s in your package’s features after a while, even when workable versions of them are released. So be on the lookout as storing tickets for an extended period of time can lead to problems.em with IT security.

    Here we discuss five methods. All methods include this Yum (Yellow Dog Updater, Modified) option manager. Needed


  • You are a CentOS 7 server.
  • You don’t need a PC Sudo operator to execute commands.
  • Individual method – permanently deactivate a package (with installation / update of yum.conf)

    To permanently prevent a package from being installed, updated or removed, you can use the / etc / yum the.conf file.

     $ sudo new ipod nano /etc/yum.conf

    [main]cachedir = / var / cache / yum / $ basearch / $ releaseverKeepcache = 0Debug level = 2log file = / var / log / yum.logexact search = 1obsolete = 1gpgcheck = 1Plugins = 1set_limit = 5bugtracker_url = = 23 & ref = http: // $distroverpkg = Centos-release…

    If you want to keep the latest package eg. For example, to create, update or remove nginx , add the following line to the end of the file.

    exclude = nginx

    If you want to close almost all nginx packages, you can use the * symbol.

     exclude = nginx *

    If you don’t want contentFor more than one package, separate the names with spaces.

     exclude = nginx php

    A blocked trade will remain in our version even if you update your system. This is especially useful for saving video drivers.

    Press Ctrl + X to save each of our files when you’re done and type Y when prompted.

     $ sudo yum install nginx--Log offBase | 3.6 kilobytes 00:00supplements | 2.9 KB 00:00Updates | 2.9 KB 00:00No nginx policy available.Failure: do nothing

    This is where you can also block packages you receive from the architecture. For example, if you want to block the 32-bit version, you can add the following sentence to your /etc/yum.conf file.

     exclude = * .i? 86 * i686

    There is an important caveat with this approach. Although my package is not automatically upgraded when upgrading with the sudo yummy upgrade command or while on the system, in many cases the package can be removed manually. sudo yummy remove

    still works with saved packages.

    This unique method prevents automatic changesthe creation of child elements. If you keep the entire group in standby, these types will not be included in their current versions, unless you choose to manually delete them.

    Method 2 – temporarily remove installation / updates from a package

    This method is to use our own yum command with more options.

    When updating an offer, use the -x option in conjunction with the trust command to block certain packages that you would not normally need to update.

    yum disable kernel upgrade

     $ sudo yummy -x nginx via update

    Get updates for all packages except your community nginx package. To block multiple packages with the new single command, use the -x switch at different times.

     $ sudo yum -x nginx -time php update

    You can also use this – exclude switches from -x in the same way. Sudo

     $ yum --remove nginx, php

    Method 3. Using the repository (using .repo files)

    After you’ve installed the perfect package from its database, there is another way to upgrade. It can be done, revBy editing the .Which Repository file that can be found in this /etc/yum.repos.d directory.

    Suppose your system has added the epel repository and you do not want to install it by adding the line exclude = golang to your / etc. ... / Add yum.repos.d / epel.repo as shown.

     $ sudo new ipod nano /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.Packages repository
     [epel]name = extra for Enterprise Linux 7 - $ basearch# baseurl =$basearchmetallink = repo = epel-7 and arch = $ basearchFailover method = priorityactivated = 1gpgcheck = 1gpgkey = file: /// etc / pki / rpm-gpg / RPM-GPG-KEY-EPEL-7exclude = golang...

    Press Ctrl + To x, save the file when done and enter Y when prompted.

    Enjoy a faster

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