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How Can I Fix Xlive.dll Missing In Fallout 3

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    In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the possible reasons why xlive.dll is not found, could be causing Fallout 3, and then suggest possible recovery methods that you can try to fix the problem.

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    How do you fix ordinal 42 43 could not be located Xlive DLL?

    Install Windows Live games.No doubt download the missing dll file.Run the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3 with administrator rights.

    I really felt like Bethesda could do us all a favor and ask someone else to address all of these issues. The Q3 community is still pretty active! Also thanks @benwah for your business link: D

    It crashes because usually the problem is with the xlive.dll file or the DLL may be missing. Don’t load the DLL correctly. Chances are you don’t have a Game For Live window. Download and install GFWL as Benwa says.

    xlive.dll not found fallout 3

    Thanks for the fix! Now I can playFallout GOTY 3 on Windows 8.1!

    Message from Griever:

    You’d think Bethesda could do us all a favor by recently releasing another patch to fix all of these issues. The f3 community is still very active! Congratulations also @benwah for your rlink: D

    This is going to be cool, since yesterday I only counted 35 people who got the game and after 4 were revealed the interest in others will improve. Remakes of much less popular games have been made …

    Originally from Carint:

    If you are using FOSE, LIVE is disabled

    FOSE is probably the easiest way to turn off LIVE. It is also a must for many of you biggest and best mods, so I would download it just for an idea.


    When I first tried to start our bootloader, I found “xlive.dll is missing”. So, I found the file on the internet and installed it. It was Windows Live. Now when I run the bootloader this command window opens, opens and closes. And it’s all. Fallout 3 doesn’t work. Should I do this?

    works like a champion. Trust the Steam Professionals!

    Charm *

    Ok I did it but it still snows 🙁 Windows 7 text please


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    xlive.dll not found fallout 3

    After hours of trying to get Fallout to work, I finally figured out how to do it, thanks for your time for further reference in the expanded discussion thread on the Steam forum.

    1. Visit:

    2. Download this as a debug LIVE SDK called dll download package

    3. Open the xlive.dll

    4. Where do I put the Xlive DLL in Fallout 3?

      Download the Debug LIVE DLL SDK.Open the xlive.dll file.add it to each of our Fallout 3 GOTY folders (c: Program Files [x86] Steam steamapps common Fallout three or goty.

      folder and add it to the Fallout 3 GOTY folder (c: Program Files [x86] Steam steamapps common Fallout three main deities

    Hopefully a Google search will help a man or woman find a solution even years later.

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  • Right before Fallout 4 New Vegas came out, I decided to play Fallout 3 to start the story. I bought a steam game and installed it. When I try to launch the Fallout 3 board game on Steam, I may be missing the xlive got.dll error. I have never had any errors in games in the Steam library. I checked the game cache dfor the above files, but the xlive.dll file still has no errors on your computer. Well, I don’t give a quick boost, so I went ahead and also started searching the internet for how to fix 3 xlive.dll missing water vapor results. After hours of research, I finally found a solution and / or it worked for me.

    Since reinstalling the 3 drops in the system did not fix the xlive.dll error, it is obvious that this error is not caused by a game with the operating system. Some on the forum I found that xlive.dll can be removed by antivirus or just corrupted by other programs on my system and that means xlive.dll is missing rrssue. So, to be able to run the results, run 3 exclusively on Steam. Xlive.dll is missing. Error. You just need to download and install the correct file from:

    This fixed my xlive.dll missing from the Steam version of Fallout 3. It will probably work for other online flash games as well. Not sure if running Windows 7 64 bit in the morning will help. Play!


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