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How To Eliminate Xbox 360 Secondary Error Codes 0031

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    You may receive an error stating Xbox 360 Secondary Error Code 0031. There are several ways to fix this problem. We will do it shortly.

    Details Major error code: 3 RLOD E-Code / Additional error code: E13 (No sound / video) / 0031 Binary / Hexadecimal: 000001101 0x0D -> 13 Known bug fixes:

    1) Remap RAM and South Bridge
    2) Loosen the screws of the new heatsink and make sure the new heatsink does not short-circuit a significant capacitor …
    3) Replace the defective RAM brick
    4) Replacing the clamp X
    5) Replace the DVD power cord. Short DVD drive cable or cable reversed.
    6) U6T1 or U6T2 non-bridge (show CPU fuse protected)

    Similar errors:

    On platform

    No related error! Description:

    It is believed that this error is caused by a faulty / broken RAM block, but it can also be caused by the heatsink shorting the resistor or lower, as a solid body of a serviceable, poorly soldered GPU? look at the links in the reference books …
    Also because of the south bridge, if it is not solderyang properly to the motherboard, a dominant short circuit is likely to occur.
    It could be caused by an inverted power cord or incorrect timing of the DVD player power cord.

    – If you are upgrading to Freeboot 9199 with U6T1 and U6T2 bridge, this error is displayed, i.e. no bridge (shadow helper)


    All South Bridge discoveries are by CanadaTech, thanks to kyledgrant for DVD cable

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    Comments For This Error Code:

    xbox 360 secondary error codes 0031

    RIGHT !!! REPAIR!!! I got this message after I repaired the DVD
    just because the DVD was reconnected, I would say inverted, because
    Both types can be inserted

    I got this method error on my new Xbox E 360 after installing RGH,
    the problem was to solder the post into the cap. and the hat was often removed from the side
    not knowing.
    Replacing this maximum solved the problem

    almost everything is repackaged !!! GPU, Processor Rebuild Replaced, RAM Block Updated 4
    (my model only has 4 stones at the top), SB repackaged, redone
    HANA …. check Q6F1 for short circuit. Always 0031 … then replaces ADP1823 and finally
    applauded: D

    Repaired, delivered and / or reassembled E74 gave me error 0031 today. I checked
    at work and therefore noticed that one of the X-clips was missing a little black dress
    It has some plastic on it. I should have noticed when I put it back in
    no. He replaced the X-clamp, but immediately started working. Nice lesson, don’t miss it
    obvious things.

    Check all Q6F1 MOSFETs for short circuit, replace them keeping error 0031 u4v1
    adp1823 of course the integrated circuit is incredibly defective.

    Yesterday I selected 0031, I tried to reflow and also the solder balls melted
    it doesn’t matter after making a mistake â € reball 0031 seems to be a capacitor,
    Capacitor C4R29 is short, it is under the graphics block, and the other island was

    I got the above after reflowing and X-tightening this E74 1022. I was trying to protect this
    Options, but still the same. Changed so that they can have a nylon washer under the screw head and
    Built-in nylon / metal on the heatsink, but keeping the heatsink away from the GPU is very important
    CPU heatsink, as long as the screws are tight, whoever likes them can create any atmosphere
    others otherwise.

    I’m happy to report that the way to separate U6T1 from U6T2 fixed this bug in addition to mine.
    zephur jtagged xbox360 🙂

    Hey, does anyone know how to replace RAM? I did have a 12V external fan for my
    Falke and I had this precious mistake. I melted everything and made electrical tape
    The thing and that x definitely does not work

    If e74 had fixed the new X-clip trick on two hot heatsinks, then this is a bug. I amdid what it did, devinogden beautified everything under the GPU heatsink with electricity
    The group that solved the problem.

    We repair a lot of Consoles every month,
    recently remade here a very good old E74 in 0031

    it was today on a machine that was previously attached to an X-clamp, the resistance was moderate at
    GPU, Redid X-Clamp Fix and decorative resistors with Kapton video layer to provide
    more shorts, suggest 1) replace the DVD cable and test it, 2) get rid of the GPU
    Heat sink and test 3) CPU heat sink and test then try the others above

    Resistor short circuit confirmed. X-Klemmfix fast launch error.
    Examined the board for any signs of a problem or determined that a GPU was attached to the processor
    A radiator (can’t remember exactly) that was in contact with the nearest radiatorResistance. I tried to unscrew the screws to securely fix the radiator, but it worked out
    overheats quickly. To solve the problem, radiators were completely removed and applied.
    Electric baton at the bottom, completely covering the radiator, except for
    GPU or chip, of course processor. Some

    Can someone tell me where to find information to replace each of our RAMs?

    I caused this error as well as a bad relinking. I repackaged multiple GPUs and the error went away
    So it can certainly be shunt-soldered under the GPU.
    If you can’t start repackaging this part will be tricky to fix, so actually use it
    HIGH QUALITY plus quality feed?

    Where can I buy a new DVD power cord and where can I buy the new RAM that is accumulating
    and install

    Verified DVD power cord. I fix 15-20 Xbox a week here in San Diego
    and today I stumbled upon where you got this error code 0031. I only confirm
    I solved the problem simply by unplugging the DVD power cord. Only $ 50.

    xbox 360 secondary error codes 0031

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