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How To Fix Windows Vista Print Spooler Error 1068?

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    If you are getting Windows Vista Print Spooler error 1068, this guide should help you. Print Spooler Error 1068 The reason for the error is that the Print Spooler service does not require a valid dependency. It is also possible that the Print Spooler service has been corrupted by a virus. The print spooler depends on the Remote Procedure Control (RPC) maintenance plan.

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    The print spooler service in your Windows operating system is responsible for all print jobs and handles communications with the printer. In the event of a failure, you will not be able to print anything from his system. In such a situation, your whole family should try to re Start the print spooler service.

    To do this, open the Windows Service Manager and look for the Impress Print Spooler service.

    Right-click and select Restart. If it does not start, define Start. If the service restarts or stars just appear – great! Otherwise, you will receive an error message from fans:

    Windows failed to start. I would say the local machine print spooler service, error 1068, Dependency Services Group may not start.

    If you can fix this problem, here are some solutions you can try.

    Print Spooler Service Error 1068

    How do I fix error 1068 the dependency service?

    Press Windows Logo Trick + I on keyboardWhen you want to open the Settings app -> Select Update & Security.Check progress -> Download available updates and test the installation process.Restart your computer and try starting Windows Firewall.

    Support could not be started because the print spooler depends on other services that may not function correctly. This can happen if the following services are not running:

    • Remote Procedure Control (RPC) Service
    • HTTP Service.

    Now most RPCs may not see someone’s service. This means that the print spooler service is not recognized However, it depends on the RPC service.

    In any case, you must manually configure these dependencies by doing one of the following:

    1] Probably configure the dependency with Do cmd

    To do this, open an elevated command prompt and run the following command:

     depends on sc = RPCSS config spooler 

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  • After executing the command, reboot your system and this will surely solve your problem. Otherwise, go to the write method editor.

    2] Free the dependency using Registry Editor

    Press Win + R to open a window. Launch the window and enter recovery credit. Press Enter to open the publisher registry.

     hkey_local_machine  system  currentcontrolset  services  spooler 

    In the right pane, click the DependOnService entry and select Modify.

    windows vista error 1068 printer spooler

    Click OK to save the design and exit the Registry Editor.

    Restart each of our systems and your problem should now be resolved.

    3] Run the troubleshooter

    Last option, catThe one you often get is to run the troubleshooter as this item can help with most offline problems. To do this, click the Start button and then click the gear-type icon to open the settings menu. Select Updates and> Security troubleshooting. Select the printer troubleshooter from the list and it will start.

    1. You need the latest printer drivers and you can fix or update them as well.
    2. If you have connection problems
    3. If the print spooler is printing correctly
    4. Various printer problems.

    After the process completes, reboot your system and see if that solves the problem.

    When you try to start the print spooler service (via services.msc ), you will likely receive the following error messages and the print spooler service will not function correctly on startup:

     Failed to start the Print Spooler service on the local computer.Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been flagged forI remove. 
     Failed to start print spooler on local computer.Error 1068: The custom service or group could not be started. 
     Event type: errorEvent Source: Service Control ManagerEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 7003 impressionsDescription:the spooler product depends on the following non-existent product:  
     Event type: errorEvent Source: Service Control ManagerEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 7001Description:Fax Center is dependent on Print Spooler services that failed to start due to the following error:The list of dependencies does not exist or is indeed marked for deletion. 

    Information in this article is about all versions associated with Windows, including Windows 10.

    To fix the service.error 1068 print spooler, remove the request from the print spooler service.

    • Open an elevated command prompt (start admin) like and enter the following command:

      How do I fix printer spooler error?

      Press Window + R to open the run dialog.Enter “services. Msc “, then select” OK “.Double-click the entire Print Spooler service, then change the startup type to Automatic.Restart your computer often and try using the printer again.


    How do I bypass the print spooler?

    Click the [Details] tab, then select [Spool Settings]. The Spool Settings window appears. Click the [Print to View Printer] radio button. Click [OK] several times to close the Spool Settings and Properties windows.

    Otherwise, to complete the above steps using Registry Editor, follow these steps:

    1. Run regedit.exe in the current Registry Editor.
    2. Go to the Audience branch:
       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SYSTEM  CurrentControlSet  Services  Spooler 
    3. Double click in the right pane on DependOnService < / li>
    4. Delete existing data, then in RPCSS
    5. Close the registry editor.

    Print Spooler Service Missing At 10?

    If you see accidentally deleted windows, it means that Windows 10 is showing the Print Spooler service, download and a private registry file. The file registry was last tested on Windows 10 v20H2. After applying the file, the system will be Windows. This will restore the software from Print Spooler to MMC Services on Windows 10.

    Note. The .reg file implicitly applies the settings in the DependOnService computer registry value. If my 1068 error occurs when the print spooler service starts after troubleshooting, try deySee the troubleshooting steps mentioned earlier in this article.

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    How do I rebuild the print spooler?

    Please extract someone’s file to your desktop.Double-click the cleanspl.exe file and click the Clear Print Spooler button.Restart your computer and try listing again.

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