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Best Way To Fix Windows Update Error 800b0001 Wsus Problems

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    In this blog post, we are going to identify some possible causes that can cause Windows Update 800b0001 wsus error, and then I will give several possible recovery methods that you can try to resolve this issue.

    A google search for this skill error code led nowhere, so I decided to post here to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

    WSUS was not moved too much to the new server because it was taking up too much space on another. The move seemed to be successful, it happened on 28.08. Some of them and everything looked fine at first, WSUS synchronized / downloaded / approved all necessary updates, etc.

    But recently when checking for updates on my own PC, I got an error code on the cable in question, the same thing happened with another PC on which I tried to check for updates. I can only assume that there must be something to implement this when moving WSUS as this method used to work fine.

    I read somewhere an update (KB2720211) that breaks WSUS, but unfortunately this update has not been installed on our own vulnerable client or server, so it cannot be there because of this.

    WSUS version 3.2.7600.226 installed from W2k8 R2 server. The only clients I know of whoI don’t usually get hurt, it’s Win7, but I can almost guarantee others get hurt.

    Your access warning will be a red herring as Get i is also used on all servers since 2008, but uses WSUS. Have you tried using KB2720211 to support WSUS server?


    Any patch I install the latest Windows Update Agent on will throw error 800B0001 when receiving updates “FROM YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR” but no symptoms appear “UPDATE DAY FROM MICROSOFT UPDATE”.


    All machines in question can be Win 7 64Bit Enterprise and usually come in different brands and variants (e.g. Toshiba R700 laptops, whitebox computers …). Machines without a current Windows Update Agent will work with either my entire WSUS server or MS Update.

    I come across the FixIt tool from KB949104 and it encounters errors, says one of them has been fixed, but the problem persists, and when I run the FixIt tool again, it finds extreme errors / p>


    Obviously, this is a well-known condition,which Microsoft takes into account when trying to fix the problem. Below is the process I went through based on what kbase and Microsoft Girl support said:

    All of these tutorials should be run on a specific WSUS server.

    1. Many Windows Server 3.0 SP2 x64 Update Services (KB2720211) are downloaded and updated
    2. When the hotfix installation completes normally, stop the WWW service.
    3. >
    4. Stop the UPDATE SERVICES.
    5. Execute every IISRESET (which seems overkill to me, but starts the WWW service).
    6. Start the UPDATE SERVICES service.

    While the patch did not state that a reboot was required, MS Support made it clear that only a reboot was required. However, I did not start my computer and the WSUS server and now everything is fine 🠙 ‚

    On Windows Server, the 800B001 error code that the client has WUAgent V7.6.7600.256 and fix A is missing.

    To resolve this issue, simply search for hotfix KB2734608, which can be downloaded from

    windows update fehler 800b0001 wsus

    After installing the update, you need to help re-index the WSUS database. To from To track this, you will need the sqlcmd utility as well as the WSUS reindex script (you can access it from here):

    The call returned by sqlcmd must have a -I (uppercase i) parameter that tells SQL if you want to run the script with valid QUOTED_IDENTIFIERS. and should be your current location where the script was loaded.

    windows update fehler 800b0001 wsus

    After that, also try running the WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard by doing the following:

    • Open this WSUS Administration Console.
    • Expand the server in the left pane and select options.
    • Select the Server Cleanup Wizard
    • in the options window.

    • WSUS
    • SQL Server Service
    Jake Gardner

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