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How Do You Deal With Windows Update Error Number 0x800a0046?

Over the past few days, some readers have encountered a known error with Windows Update error number 0x800a0046. This problem can arise for several reasons. Now let’s talk about some of them.

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    windows update error number 0x800a0046

    If you try to update Windows, you get all Windows update errors 0x800A0046, you will not be able to continue unless you fix the problem. Windows updates are important because they protect you from security breaches and other disruptions that keep your operating system running smoothly and smoothly. When starting Windows Update manually in Internet Explorer, the following screen may appear. Pay attention to the number of errors 0x800A0046 in the upper right corner. The following is information on how to properly resolve Windows error 0x800A0046.

    The above guide suggests using Internet Explorer and following these steps:

    1. Click Tools available on the menu.
    2. On the monthly security bill, click the Internet Zone icon, then select Customize Level.
    3. In each parameter field, scroll down to no doubt access the Miscellaneous section.
    4. Make sure user data persistence is enabled.
    5. Click OK and then click Yes when prompted.

    Sorry , some of us often think that saving user data is as good as enabled. Thus, you can try these additional steps to resolve the current Windows error 0x800A0046.

    How To Fix Windows Error


    The first option is usually to disable all unnecessary service solutions that are automatically loaded when your network starts up. We actually do this with Microsoft’s customization utility.

    1. Click Start and then Run.
    2. In the Open box, select msconfig (no quotes or symbols), then click OK.
    3. Turn on the Home tab, select the Disable All option.
    4. In the Services section, activate the shortcut, select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and click Deactivate all.
    5. click OK. If you are likely to be prompted to restart your computer, be sure.

    You will probably see a dialog box indicating that changes have been made to the Windows configuration. Check the box and close this dialog box.


    Try restarting Win Updatedows and see if the problem persists to get new Windows updates. You can return to help you with normal startup by going back to msconfig and choosing Normal startup from the General tab.


    Windows Update Temp Folder

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  • Another manageable cause of Windows error 0x800A0046 is that the Windows Update temp directory contains corrupted clips. The best way to use this is to start with a new temp folder.

    1. Click Run, Start, type: cmd and press Enter.
    2. Stop

    3. net WuAuServ
    4. Click Start, Run, type:% windir% and press Enter.
    5. In the folder that opens, rename the SoftwareDistribution file to SoftwareDistributionold.


    6. click Run, type cmd and press Enter. Please execute the command in our open window.
    7. Clean Start WuAuServ

    Here’s How To Find Out When The Last Windows Update Was Successful

    Depending on how long this error has prevented you from successfully running the correct Windows Update, thousands of exploits can be detected. The standard way to check how long your current system isema was unprotected – run Microsoft’s Malicious Package Removal Tool.

    Go to Start, select mrt in the search box and click OK. The utility should start, and at the top, pointing to the window, see the date of the last rewriting of the tool. Since this tool will be notified of other Windows updates, this is an example of when you last received all Windows updates.

    For more information on Windows Update error 0x800A0046 visit our snowboards or read our other Windows guides.

    Can not
    windows update error number 0x800a0046

    I am using some kind of windows update feature. I come to [error number:
    0x800A0046], and I have Windows XP Home Edition, and on this page I am
    The solutions Microsoft sent me to fix –

    Delete the owner account that is having problems with guests
    or limited account groups

    Click Start, click Run, type control admintools, and then click OK.
    Click Computer Management.
    Expand Local Users and Groups.
    Select Userbodies.
    Open the website used to access the update windows.
    Click the Membership tab.
    Select the displayed user account that you want to allow deletion and click Remove.

    Define any security descriptor
    Click Start, Run, type cmd and click OK.
    Enter sdset wuauserv

    You will receive a success message.
    To exit, enter close command prompt.

    Add local administrator accounts and impersonation related services.
    Client according to authorization policy
    Click “Start”, select “All Programs”, “Administrative Tools”, “
    “.Then click on Local Security Policy.
    Develop local strategies.
    Click Assign User Rights.
    Double-click to open “Impersonate Client after Authentication”
    In the local security settings, go to the “Add user and group” tab, then click
    add administrator and department to the list of users and groups. OK,
    Click and edit the computer.

    As you noticed, this means 1 and 3 will not work in Windows Home XP
    Edition, but more for XP Pro. Method 2 didn’t work even for everyone. (old for classic online casino games)

    Enjoy a faster

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