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How Can I Fix The Missing Codec In Windows Media Player For DVD Playback?


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    If your Windows Media Player does not have a codec to play DVD on your computer, this user guide may help. g.If you get a message that your computer is missing a codec, or that you might need a DVD decoder, you are probably trying to play, create, or sync a file that has been compressed using the codec used by both Windows and the player. not offered by default.




    • 4 minutes to read.

    This article contains a strong secret on an issue that causes recorded video to not play when played back in Windows Media Player 11.

    Applies to the following settings: • Windows Media Player 11
    Original Knowledge Base Number: 926373


    When you try to explore a video file that is playing in Windows Media Player 11, the video is not scheduled to play. However, the sound will play.

    Additionally, whenever you try to play a professional audio device file or video file displayed in Windows Media Player 11, you may receive an error message that resembles one of the following problem messages:

    Windows Media Player cannot play the file because the required video codec is usually not installed on your computer.

    Windows Media Player cannot play, record, copy, or sync the file because the correct audio codec is not installed on your computer.

    The codec must read this file. To see if this codec is available on the Internet, click Web Help.

    Invalid file format.


    This issue occurs when this particular computer does not have the required codec to play each of our files.


    To resolve this issue, configure Windows Player support to automatically download codecs. To do this, follow these steps in the latest version of Windows Media Player 11:

    1. Select Options from some of the Tools menus.
    2. Select the Get Player tab, select the Automatically download codecs check box and click OK.
    3. Try to read the file.

    Whenand you will be prompted to install the codec, select “Install”. If you still can’t read the document correctly, try the steps in the specific section for advanced troubleshooting. If you are not satisfied with a convenient advanced troubleshooting method, please contact your representative or Microsoft Support for assistance.

    Advanced Troubleshooting

    Get and install the codec by following these steps in Windows Media Player 11:

    1. windows media player missing codec to play dvd

      Determine if the codec is considered installed on the computer that the client is using to read the database. To do this, follow a few steps:

      1. In the Now Running box, right-click all the files you want to run and select Properties.
      2. Select the File tab, note the codecs that are actually listed in the Audio codec, but video codec sections, and click OK. If the following considerations apply, skip to 2.
        • No audio codec specified.
        • No online codec specified.
      3. From the Help menu, select Windows via Media Player.
      4. Clickthe Technical Support Information hyperlink.
      5. When you try to play an audio file, you notice that the audio codec specified in step 1b is listed in the Audio Codecs section. If you and your family are trying to play a video presentation file, determine if the Video Codecs section often lists the codec or audio codec you recorded in step 1b. If the codec is not listed, go to step 2.
      6. Try reinstalling a specific codec. If you are unable to reinstall the codec, go to step 2.
      7. Try playing golf on the file. If you can play the file, skip steps 2 or even 3.
    2. windows media player missing codec to play dvd

      Install the codec by following these steps:

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    If you get an error while reading a particular file, select the web help. If someone does not receive an error message while reading the registry, skip to step 3.

  • Click the link on the Microsoft website to access the Wmplugins website.

  • Follow the online instructions to export the site and install the codec for the file normally. The if website will not be able to automatically go to This is the codec for which the file will be used, and if one of the following conditions is true, go to step 3 when finished:

    • You didn’t notice the actual codec in step 1b.
    • Usually you cannot find the codec you wrote down in maneuver 1b on the website.
  • Try to let them read the file. If you can read the file, skip the third step.

  • Get your codec from a third party.

  • Additional Information

    The information and solution at the end of this document represents Microsoft’s current assessment of these issues as of the booking date. This solution is available from Microsoft or a third party vendor. Microsoft does not specifically recommend installing any installers or third-party solutions that are described in this article. There may be other third party vendors or third party offerings not described in this article. The environmental conditions should not be construed as a commitment on the part of Microsoft. Microsoft cannot guarantee or endorse the primary accuracy of any information or decisions providedSupplied by Microsoft or any of the mentioned third party vendors.

    Microsoft makes no warranties and disclaims all representations, warranties and conditions, whether stated, implied, statutory or otherwise. These include, but are not limited to, statements, warranties and conditions such as freedom from infringement, satisfactory objection, commercial value and suitability for a specific purpose in relation to expert services, solutions, products or other things or information. Otherwise, Microsoft may be responsible for the third party solution mentioned in this article.

    If you are using Windows Media in a golfer’s environment managed by a network administrator, you may need to contact your network administrator for help downloading and installing that particular codec.



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    How do I fix codec in Windows Media Player?

    О Close Windows Media Player.Go to Tools> Options.Click the Reader tab.Select the “Download codecs automatically” option and make sure you have a permanent internet connection.Click OK.Then play the video file in the player.Click Install.

    How do I fix missing codecs?

    Make sure all codecs are installed on the computer you are using to play the file.Install the codec by following these steps:

    How do I install missing codec for Windows Media Player?

    Introduction.1 Double-click an image or audio file.2 Click the web help button.3Click on the WMPlugins link.4 Click the website link to download the codec.5 Click I Accept.6 Click the link to download the entire codec.7 When the download is complete, click the Run button.




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