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How To Troubleshoot Windows Installer 1605

If you see Windows Installer 1605, this guide should help you.

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    This error is simply returned when you try to uninstall an application that is not actually configured on the target system. Error 1605 is a Windows error associated with the ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRODUCT technology. Note where this can sometimes happen when the new version you want to remove is not in the body.

    When someone tries to start Microsoft Office Word 2003, they may receive an error message that resembles the following error message:

    So Add The Problem Indicated By The Error Code “Windows Installer Error 1605”

    How do I fix installer error 1605?

    Close all running programs.In productionIn Windows disco, click Folder Options on each of the tool menus.Find it.On the menu for a specific file, point to New and click Folder.Enter temp and in this case press ENTER.Click on the first template, many of which are listed in the startup file, then move it to the main Temp folder.Try starting Word.

    The failure reported by Windows error code 1605 can occur due to a number of different factors. Common causes of misconfigured system selections or irregular entries in physical elements, to name but a few. Such problems can be solved with the help of various software repairs, in which the elements of the system further optimize the parameters of the system in order to restore stability.

    How do I fix installation is forbidden by system policy?

    Solution 1. Try Club Automatic Updater.Solution 2. Edit the local group policy.Solution 5. Check your local security settings.Resolution 4.Solution 5.Resolution 6.Protect your privacy with a VPN client.Data recovery tools can prevent permanent loss of music files.

    The article describes in detail the means, possible causes of the problem and how to solve it.

    KnowFinding The Installation Error Code “Windows 1605 Problem”

    The Windows false selection 1605 error code installer is the name of the problem and contains detailed information about the problem, including its cause, system component or faulty application, and some information. The numeric code in the name of the main problem usually contains data that can be deciphered, the name of the component or application in which the failure will occur. The problem with this password can occur intermittently on the system in different places. Although there are some details in its details, it is still difficult for the user to find and fix the cause of the problem without specific technical information or related software.

    Reasons For The “Windows Installer Error If 1605” Error Rule

    If you receive this warning message on your computer, it means that your product has definitely crashed. Windows Specialist Error 1605 is one of the important things users can get as it is simply the result of something wrong Abnormal or unsuccessful installation or removal of software that may have left invalid entries in the elements of the application. Other possible causes could be improper system shutdown, such as a planned power failure, accidental deletion of an incredibly necessary file system, or a system-side write due to poor technical knowledge plus no. other factors.

    How To Handle Windows Installer Error 1605

    Experienced PC users can fix this encoding problem by manually changing system elements, but other users might want to know who the technician will do. However, since manipulations, in addition to the elements of the Windows system, offer the opportunity to make the operating function more bootable, if the user has serious doubts about their technical skills, or perhaps even their knowledge, it is recommended to use a special type of software designed to repair parts of the Windows platform. without any special skills of the user.

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    This same application can be used to help you implement preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of a problem in the process in the future.

    Error 1605: “This Action Is Only Valid For Already Installed Products” When Trying To Uninstall VIPRE

    Modified on Mon 18 Dec 2017 at 3:28 pm


    When you try to uninstall VIPRE Home or Business, you receive an error message:

    “This action is only valid for products installed on”


    • Antivirus VIPRE
    • VIPRE Internet Security
    • VIPRE Company
    • VIPRE Business Premium
    • Horse Safety of VIPRE points
    • All Supported Environments


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  • If VIPRE is in the list and you do not need to be deleted due to an upstream error, it is probably because there are still keys in one of the registries VIPRE, especially in the Uninstall directory of the registry structure below:

    Operating systems 32 words:

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall

    64-bit operating systems:

    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Wow6432Node Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Uninstall

    It is recommended to use first use the following tool to remove VIPRE using automation:

    When creating, be sure to select an additional option and select Apply fixes myself. Also select the Uninstall option to populate the list of all installed applications that have been detected.

    If VIPRE is selected, proceed to the next. Follow the prompts to remove your vipre computer.

    If that doesn’t work:

    windows installer 1605

    If the Microsoft app still doesn’t remove VIPRE from the list, it must be done manually through the editorregistry:

    Note. It is highly recommended that you reset your registry settings before making any changes to the registry. Instructions on this, visitors are here.

    1. Hold down the Windows key and press the R
    2. Enter regedit and enter media.
    3. In Registry Editor, navigate to the correct location for the registry hive as described above.

    Various programs that were installed at the same time or are still installed require many folders, depending on the system. Each of these versions with randomly generated will IDs should be checked to ensure that the folder is not intended for a final previous VIPRE installation from previous uninstallations or updates.

    If a hive is found, it will be removed. There may be several such auctions or offers of sale, and all of them must be removed before the problem can be resolved.


    During a previous uninstall or sometimes VIPRE update, the registration facade was not removed correctly

    windows installer 1605

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    How do I fix a corrupted Windows installer?

    Click Start. , Enter services.Right-click Windows Installer and select Properties.If the Startup type is set to Disabled, change it to Manual.Click OK to close the properties window.Right-click a specific Windows Installer service, and then click Start with your mouse.Try the installation again or help uninstall.

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    If VIPRE is listed, select it and click Next. Follow the instructions so that you can completely remove exactly the viper.

    If Microsoft’s tool still won’t remove VIPRE from the list, it might need to be done through the Windows Registry Editor:

    Note. Before making any changes to this particular registry, it’s important to back up your locations. To find out how to do this, click here.

    1. Hold down the Windows key and press the R
    2. Type regedit and press Enter.
    3. In the registry application, navigate to the correct location for the Windows registry hive as shown above.

    It turns out that there are many folders for different programs that were or are usually still installed on the system at the same time. Each of these folders with randomly generated will IDs should be checked to ensure thato the folder is definitely not intended for a previous VIPRE creation that is left over during uninstalls or updates.

    If requests are found, they will be removed. There may be multiple entries; B. Type and each must be out before it can be fixed.


    The registry entry was not properly corrected during the previous removal or update of VIPRE

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