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Fixed Connection Type Windows Event ID

You may encounter an error message stating the connection type with a Windows Event ID. It turns out that there are several different ways to solve this problem, so we’ll talk about it a bit.

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    Connection type 2: Interactive. An event with login type=2 occurs whenever a user logs in (or tries to log in) locally on the computer, for example. by creating a username and password for the Windows login prompt. Events with logon type = 2 occur when an agent logs in with a local account or even a domain account.

    Windows Security Log Event ID 4624

    windows event id logon type

    4624 The account is considered successfully registered.

    What is Windows LOGON/LOGOFF event type 7?

    Windows treats this type as a logon and logs most logon/logout events for it using logon mode 7, which identifies the event as a cleartext unlock attempt.

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  • What are the logon type events?

    Connection types are logged in the Connection Type field of connection events to deal with all successful and unsuccessful connections). These events appear in the Windows Incident Log and are typically used to analyze various connection types.

    This should be an extremely valuable event as it documents every successful login attempt on the local machine, no matter what.Depending on the login type, user location, or account type. You can associate this with logout events 4634 and 4647 with the login id.

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  • Win2012 adds an impersonation level realm as shown in the example.

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    What is the event ID for logon?

    Introduction. Event ID 4624 (displayed in the Windows Event Viewer) documents each successful connection attempt to the local computer. This event is generated on the laptop or computer that is being accessed, in other words, a login session has been created.

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  • What is the difference between logon Type 2 and 3?

    A type 2 connection is recorded when trying to connect to a private local Windows keyboard and display. 3: Network connection. This connection occurs when using remote file shares or printers. When the servicechecks out, Windows actually creates a logon session for the specific user account specified here in the service configuration.

    description Fields In 4624


    Identifies only the account that requested the login, NOT the specific user who just logged in. Subject is usually zero or one with service principals and the most useless information registered in the system.

  • Security identifier
  • Account name
  • account domain
  • Login ID
  • Accounting Data:

  • Connection type: see below
  • The rest of the credential fields are new until Windows 10/2016

  • Restricted admin mode: usually “-“. “Yes” for incoming remote desktop connections when the client types /restrictedAdmin on the command line. Restricted Admin Mode is an important technique to really limit the distribution of admin skills and how they can be exploited using hash-passing malware and coercive methods. You should only see Connection Type 10. You have full permission when Remote Desktop accesses the server with /restrictedAdmin, but that server will not share with you when accessing systems added from this RDP session. This field allows you to diagnose RDP sessions without using restricted admin mode.
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    Tipo De Logon Do Id Do Evento Do Windows
    Windows Handelse Id Inloggningstyp
    Tipo De Inicio De Sesion De Id De Evento De Windows
    Windows Gebeurtenis Id Aanmeldingstype
    Typ Logowania Identyfikatora Zdarzenia Systemu Windows
    Windows Ereignis Id Anmeldetyp
    Windows 이벤트 Id 로그온 유형
    Tip Vhoda V Sistemu S Identifikatorom Sobytiya Windows
    Type De Connexion A L Id D Evenement Windows
    Tipo Di Accesso Id Evento Di Windows