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    Today’s tutorial was created to help you if you received a sample Win32 Loadimage error code.


    win32 loadimage example

      HANDLING LoadImageA (  [in, optional] HINSTANCE hInst,  [in] LPCSTR name,  [in] type UINT,  [in] int cx,  [in] int cy,  [in] UINT fuLoad); 


    The handle to a DLL or exe (.exe) component contains an image to help load it. More information can be found at GetModuleHandle . Note that on 32-bit Windows, the execution instance (HINSTANCE) is organized as an application instance, which is provided by a call to the system function associated with WinMain , and the main module (HMODULE) are identical to Thing.

    To load a resource (character, cursor, bitmap file) independently — for example, c: myimage.bmp — set this parameter to NULL.

    Image to download. If the Hinst parameter is non-NULL and the fuLoad parameter skips LR_LOADFROMFILE, then lpszName specifies an image in the resource of each of our Hinst modules. If the image tool resource must be a valid name loaded from a module, the lpszName parameter is treated as a pointer to a null-terminated string containing the name of the image resource Zheniya. If a site image is to be loaded from a module based on ordinal numbers, use the MAKEINTRESOURCE macro to convert the ordinal image into a form that can be easily passed to the LoadImage function.

    If the Hinst And parameter is NULL, the fuLoad parameter ignores the LR_LOADFROMFILE value, lpszName specifies the OEM image to boot. Image Producer IDs are defined in Winuser.h but have the following prefixes.

    Prefix Value
    OBM_ OEM Bitmaps
    OCI_ OEM characters
    OCR_ OEM Slider


    To pass these constants and load the LoadImage function, use the special MAKEINTRESOURCE macro. For example, in the OCR_NORMAL root cursor, pass MAKEINTRESOURCE (OCR_NORMAL) as the lpszName parameter, NULL as the current Hinst parameter, and LR_SHARED as one of the flags for the fuLoad parameter.

    If the fuLoad parameter contains the value LR_LOADFROMFILE, lpszName is the name of the file that contains the stand-alone type (symbol, resource cursor, and bitmap file). Therefore, you must start with NULL.

    The type of image to upload may well be. This parameter can have one of the following values: Readabilitydatatable = “1”>

    value Value

    Loads a new bitmap.

    Load this cursor.

    Upload an icon.

    The width of the character cursor (in pixels), or possibly a. If this parameter is NULL and therefore fuLoad is LR_DEFAULTSIZE, the main function uses the system metric value or sm_cxicon SM_CXCURSOR to determine the width type. If the parameter is this and LR_DEFAULTSIZE is not used, the current function uses the actual alternate width.

    The height, in pixels, of the legend or cursor. If this parameter is also zero and the fuLoad parameter can be described as LR_DEFAULTSIZE, the function uses the system metric value SM_CYICON or SM_CYCURSOR to set the height. If this particular parameter is zero and LR_DEFAULTSIZE is not used without question, the function is usedThis is the measurable height of the resource.

    This parameter can be a specific person or several new values.

    value Value

    If the uType parameter specifies IMAGE_BITMAP, the function is meant to help you return the section dib bitmap a bit as a compatible bitmap. This search is useful for a working bitmap without matching it to the display device’s color scheme.

    The standard it signals; To do nothing. All this means “not LR_MONOCHROME”.

    Uses the width or height specified by the system metric values ​​for cursors or characters when the specified cxDesired or cyDesired values ​​are set to zero. If this flag is no longer specified and cxDesired and cyDesired are terminated to zero, the function will determine the actual size of the resource. If the resource contains multiple images, use the “How to use”Use the oldest image size.”

    Loads a footprint regardless of the file specified by lpszName (symbol, cursor, or bitmap file).

    Find the color chart provided for the image and replace the correct shades with gray, a complementary 3D color.

    • Gray-black RGB (128 128 128) with COLOR_3DSHADOW
    • Gray, RGB (192, 192, 192) with COLOR_3DFACE
    • Light Gray RGB (223 223 223) COLOR_3DLIGHT

    Do not use this option if you are loading a bitmap with a color depth greater than 8 bits per pixel.

    Color gets the value after the first pixel of the video and replaces the corresponding entry by the color of the table with the color of the overdue window (COLOR_WINDOW). All images using this launch will become the default window color. The value applies only to images with matching color tables.

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  • Do not draw this option if you are using an intensified bitmapColor more than 8bpp.FuLoad

    If LR_LOADTRANSPARENT and LR_LOADMAP3DCOLORS are enabled, LR_LOADTRANSPARENT takes precedence. The replaced color-scale input is much stronger than COLOR_WINDOW due to COLOR_3DFACE.

    Loading icon black and white.
    Frees the reputation handle if the image is installed more than once. If LR_SHARED is not required, a second call to LoadImage on the same resource will usually reload the image and return a completely different descriptor.

    When you use it, the system destroys some resource if it doesn’t take more time.

    win32 loadimage example

    Do not use LR_SHARED for projects with non-standard sizes that can be changed after loading or that will actually be loaded from a file.

    When loading a network symbol or cursor, you must use LR_SHARED, otherwise the function will not be able to load the resource.

    Shows the function of the first image in a specific cache with the logo of the requested resource, regardless of the requested size.

    Uses true VGA color.

    Return Value

    If the application succeeds, the return value is simply a handle to the newly generated image.

    If the function fails, the return value is NULL. Call GetLastError to get information about the sprain.

    If IS_INTRESOURCE (lpszName) is TRUE, then lpszName indicates our integer ID for the specified resource. Otherwise, it is a pointer to a null-terminated function string. If the first invocation of the chain is a dollar sign (#), the other characters are a decimal number that describes an integer of the tool resource identifier. The example for the character sequence “# 258” is the result of the identifier 258.

    If you are stopped by a cursor, bitmap, or button that you loaded without specifying the LR_SHARED flag, you can free the memory associated with memory by calling one of these functions in the table below. p>A

    The PC automatically deletes these resources when itSome process that created them ends; Remember that calling the appropriate function saves disk space and reduces the size of each working set in our process.



    Minimum Delayed Client Windows 2000 Professional [desktop applications only]
    Minimum Server Server Supported Windows 2000 [desktop applications only]
    Target Platform Windows
    Title winuser.h (including Windows.h)
    Library User32.lib
    DLL User32.dll
    API Kit ext-ms-win-ntuser-gui-l1-1-0 (introduced in Windows 8)

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    The h2 winuser.h tags define LoadImage as an alias that automatically chooses the ANSI or Unicode version of the function based on the UNICODE definition, presumably a preprocessor constant. Using this code independent alias with this alias and a non-neutral alias may lead to incompatibilitiescompilation or runtime errors. For more information, see the Prototype Conventions function.

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