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Tips For Solving Msconfig Services To Disable Windows 7

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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have informed us that they have encountered msconfig services to disable Windows 7.


    Windows loads many services on startup,Most of them are required for some basic system functions. aroundunnecessary services, performance can be greatly improved,especially on computers with low machine resources. The SERVICES.MSC command appears inPole Start menu search launches an administrative program to optimize thisServices (the manager console is also available from the management toolsin Control Panel, Services). In the management consoleA description of each service is provided, including the relationship(s)between different services.

    Disable Services

    Should I disable all services in msconfig?

    Go to MSCONFIG and enable the “Hide all Microsoft Expert Services” option. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t even try to disable the Microsoft service because it’s not worth the trouble you’ll have later. After you hide the Microsoft services, you should be left with no more than 10-26 services.

    What startup programs can I disable Windows 7?

    Click Start and type msconfig in the search box.Click on the General tab and make sure the selective startup is specific.Select the “Startup” tab and remove the checks for all tasks, most of which do not contribute to the set and are unwanted.

    A specific, expanded description of each service is displayed in most of the left pane. itThis information can be especially helpful when you’re not sure if it’s safe to defuseService. Since there are usually a lot of services and the description is really not always clear,Search for experts that can be safely disabled withServices that remain better than they can be. Feeling flat with some servicesunpredictable will will lead to strange future problems.

    Double-clicking on a service opens the General tab with a description.maintenance and current run configuration settings. Most services have a manual(starts on its own if required by the program) or possibly automatically (Windows starts)at the start of the range. A special feature is the automatic start type (start delay).A startup that ensures that the Windows startup system is not created with a delayDownload this type of service. Services with startup typeDoesn’t work differently, even if a particular program needs maintenance. Generally strangeAn error is a response displayed by the program that appears to be unrelated to the error.service is disabled. The Dependencies tab provides information aboutothers, which services the service type depends on and which other services depend on itService. Obviously, you shouldn’t disable a particular service if other services depend heavily on it.

    WARNING! After starting Windows displaysServices with automatic production type disabled should help you automaticallySave system resources when they are no longer needed.

    Turn Off Services To Restore System Resources

    which msconfig services to disable windows 7

    The following list includes several services that can be reasonably disabled.However, do not forget to carefullyBut please read the description of the service before imposing any restrictions.Service! Keep in mind that most possible future bug reports will be generated (andsolved…), actually changing the startup type of the services. If in doubtAs for the style of disabling the service, leave it a little unchanged! If a large numberfunctions no longer work properly, just resume serviceChange the new business type to Automatic or Manual.Don’t disable too many services that come on at the same time, just spend some time learning about them.individual modifications and do not deactivate services on which other carriers depend!If you’re unsure about permanently limiting the service, change the production type toManually first.

    Adaptive brightness:This page can be disabled if the discovery focus does not supportAmbient light with sensors to adjust the brightness of the demonstration according to the environmentlighting conditions.

    App experience: check compatibility with older appsprograms andChecks for updates for known issues. Even if it’s unacceptableThe service has no negative side effects, so it’s best to leave this article as is.

    BitLocker Drive Encryption Service:This service may leave BitLocker disabled if it is not used for file encryption (and an importantsafe boot operating system).

    Bluetooth Support Service:This service is only useful when there are appropriate devicesBluetooth.

    which msconfig services to disable windows 7

    Computer Browser: Monitors personal data (and files) online in combination withmaintains an up-to-date list. This excellent service is only useful when connected to a local network.computers send files to each other. After stopping this service, it doesalways easy to navigate the web. Internet service depends on the service serverand workstation.

    Desktop Window Manager Session Manager: Required for the new Aero Glass interface.Only disable this service if you are not using the new Aero Glass interface.

    What services should I disable?

    Disable Windows Defender.Windows Mobile Hotspot Service.Print spooler.fax service.The map manager is loaded.Windows 10 Security Center.Certificate Distribution Service.Universal Telemetry Client (UTC)

    Diagnostic Policy Service and Diagnostic Host: ProductIdentification ofproblems, solving problems and providing known solutions forwindow components. If no more problems are foreseen, then you can safelydisable the service.

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  • Disk defragmentation:This service provides (automatic) partition defragmentation. If myservice is disabled, disable the defragmentation task, and also (Control Panel,article management tools,Task Scheduler,task scheduler library,microsoft,window,defragmentation).

    Distributed Link Tracking Client: Keeps linked files active.several computers involved in the network with stay. This service may not work safely,because in most cases at home this option is not used at all.

    Encrypting File System (EFS):Provides file encryption on NTFS partitions. It may be safe to disable thisThe service does not use encryption in any way. Discovery

    Function Provider Host: Allows you to share files with other computers on the network. This is in case the service is disabled, what are the general downloadsno longer visible to many others computers on the network. Disabling a specific servicealso possible by limiting the network discovery option under “Network”.and the Sharing Center in some areas of the Control Panel.

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