You are currently viewing SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing The Start Menu Folder In Windows 8.1

SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing The Start Menu Folder In Windows 8.1

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    This blog post will help you if you know where is the Start Menu folder in Windows 8.1. The Windows 8 startup folder is located in %AppData%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms, which is the same as the Windows 7 and Windows Vista folder. In Windows 8, you must manually create a shortcut containing the startup folder.

    NTFS Versus FAT32

    where is the start menu folder in windows 8.1

    The reporting system (disk format) used on Windows NT families such as NT4, 2k, or XP should be “
    NTFS” which is much more stable than those used by Windows 9x and ME (FAT in addition to FAT32). NTFS also has many other features not found in FAT and FAT32 such as B. the ability to store large files, have large partitions, file compression security and all that. It is also a “journaled” music file system, which means The application keeps track of the changes that have been made, which greatly reduces the likelihood of directory corruption (for example, after a crash or power failure).

    If you’re definitely using Windows 2000 or XP, there’s bound to be someone who would like to find it on NTFS. However, in order to run games no more than these operating systems with VDMSound including, a FAT32 partition will certainly be very useful as some adventures like ” Edokol” have problems reading from the NTFS partition. Any FAT32 partition has Almost all requirements are needed to run these games on Windows. But xp, you don’t need to boot Windows XP from a FAT32 partition, you’d better backup the game version there.

    In addition, some games should not run properly on Windows or XP on any other version of Windows for NT (for example, from NT 4.0 to 2000), even with FAT32. It’s more than connected As for the content system, it’s about how it tries to manage the computer and processor for each game. For these board games, the ability to boot MS-DOS Windows or 9x (using your DOS-only boot disk or dual booting with Windows 9x) might be the only options.

    On a current WinXP system with an NTFS partition, you need a trusted FAT32 partition if you want to have a fully functional DOS hard drive on the go. If you start from the last DOS boot disk, FAT or FAT32 partitions are restored, but NTFS partitions are not recognized.

  • If you are dual booting with Windows 9x, remember that Windows 9x must be installed on the first partition type (C:) formattedth in FAT or FAT32. Together XP Doors on an NTFS-formatted secondary partition.
  • If you want to boot your machine from another DOS floppy, you need a proper primary partition formatted in FAT and even FAT32. If you are using FAT32 you need a bootable CD with the argument MS-DOS is better or from Windows 95OSR2, 96 or Me above because MS-DOS 6.22 has better partition support, fat not FAT32.
  • Windows Me added these elements from Windows NT to MS-DOS 8.0, which is a hybrid of the two DOS but tries to maintain consistency. It was at the expense of some kind of stability. It was also the first consumer operating system where Microsoft deliberately “blocked” the use of DOS. If you work with DOS names, DOS ME is literally not a good idea. Win95B/Win98/Win98SE are more stable and designed for DOS. Use 98th Over back ME.
  • Using modern With do equipment can be a little tedious. When you run MS-DOS, you may not have all the very important drivers for your credit card. Lots of modern homemade postcards do not create driversfor DOS, so depending on your greeting, you may not have sound in your games. This is a special advantage of using VDMSound under Windows XP: it emulates SoundBlaster, AdLib and MPU-401 associated with DOS programs, no matter how good a card you have.
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