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Troubleshooting Tips Where Is The SQL Server Error Log?

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    Here are some simple methods that should help you troubleshoot the location of the SQL Server error log.

    Applies to: SQL Server (all secured editions) – Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

    Review the SQL Server error log to ensure that processes terminated safely (for example, backup and restore operations, batch commands, or other scripts and processes). This can be useful for identifying current and potential problems, including auto-rollback messages (especially when the instance has been shut down and restarted through SQL Server), kernel messages, or other helpful server-level error messages.

    View the error log SQL Server using the SQL Server Studio administration tool or any text editor. For more information on checking the log for errors, see Open Log File Viewer . By default, each error log is located in the Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL folder. n MSSQL LOG ERRORLOG and ERRORLOG. n files.

    where is the sql server error log

    A completely new error log is generated each time an instance of SQL is started, although the sp_cycle_errorlog system maintenance routine can be used to periodize the error log files without restarting the instance in order to use the SQL server. … Usually .SQL .server. Keeps backups of the previous six logs. Not to mention .gives .last .log .clone .extension ..1, the second practically current extension .2, and certainly an extension. The current fault log works without extension.

    Note that you can also view the SQL Server signal error on SQL Server instances that are offline or unable to start. For more information, see the Viewing Offline Files log.

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     USAGE WizardWALKxp_readerrorlog 0, 1, SQL n 'Log server campaigns to file', NULL, NULL, N'asc 'GO 

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    You can also run the following command in SSMS. It loads the server, not the registry properties


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    You can add PowerShell to your list. Here’s the code

     (Get-SQLServer "ServerName"). ErrorLogPath 


    Transaction log files contain reports of all database transactions to help users ensure data integrity during system recovery. However, there are many other log formats that can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. In this blog, we are going to think about such a log file, i.e. H. In the SQL Server error log and file, there are several ways to determine the owner of this error log file statement.

    What Is A SQL Server Error File?

    Where are SQL Server error logs located?

    To work around the problem, the error log is located in the Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL folder. t MSSQL LOG ERRORLOG and ERRORLOG.

    Error log fileThe log ok associated with the SQL Server database is one of the most important log files and is also used to troubleshoot system problems. SQL Server keeps the previous backups of six logs with asterisks for each file in order. The default error checking file name is ERRORLOG. The SQL Web Server error file log contains not only one of the errors, but also messages related to the error.

    How Do I Determine The Size Of The SQL Server Error Log File?

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  • There are several ways to specify the location of the error log file from SQL Server Are:

    1. Use T-SQL Command
    2. The first option works if the SQL server is connected to the desired storage system in addition to this one. Use the following T-SQL command which works with the extended stored procedure XP_READERRORLOG. Loading = “lazy”

      The command uses the following parameters:

      xp_readerrorlog >> Extended Stored Procedure
      0 The meaning >> is the same as the error log file, i.e. H. 0 = current; 1 = archive1; 2 = Archive2, etc.
      1 >> log file type, d. H. 1 or NULL = error log; 2 = SQL Agent log
      Write SQL Server Signals to File >> User-entered Search String

      where is the sql server error log

      Reads the SQL Server error log to determine the location of the error logs by instance of SQL Server.

    3. Using SQL Server Configuration Manager
    4. We can find any error log location that SQL Server Configuration Manager uses. This approach is used when SQL Server is started but the user cannot log on to the system. The steps for using SQL Configuration Server Manager can be as follows:

    • Click Start> All Programs> Microsoft SQL Server (version)> Customization Tools> SQL Configuration Server Manager.
    • window

    • will open the SQL Server Configuration Manager window. Select SQL Services Server and navigate to SQL Server click on itwith the equal mouse button and select “Properties”.
    • On the Properties tab in SQL Server, click the Advanced tab and navigate to Startup Options. The location of the SQL Server error log file is specified after the “-e” in the second column of the start parameter.
  • Using Windows Application Event Viewer
  • The final way to find the location of the error log file in SQL Server is to use the Application Event Viewer and we’ll do the following:

    • Select Start> All Programs> Administrative Tools> Server Manager.
    • In Server Manager, expand Diagnostics> Event Viewer> Windows Logs> Application.
    • Open the event log and select the desired festival ID. Right-click the application and select Filter Current Log.
    • Double-click an event to view the location of the SQL Server error file log using the event property sheets.
    • How can check SQL Server error log query?

      In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, definitely increase the size of your SQL server. In Object Explorer, expand Administration → SQL Server Logs. Select the error log you want to view, such as most of the current log file. The date in the journal always indicates when the document was last modified.


    This blog explains the importance of the log files used in a SQL Server database. Users only know the log files that are used for writing as well as for the transaction. However, a lot of other log data is used, such as error log files, that describe not only this information, but also information related to this error. Since having an error log file is an important part of troubleshooting,Each system blog describes several ways to view the SQL Server error logs.

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