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How To Deal With This, Where Is The Original Path Of Centos Kernel?

This user manual was written to help you if you get the Centos kernel source path error code.

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    This is widespread and many have i686 or x86_64. The kernel source tree is now located in the ~ / rpmbuild / BUILD / directory.

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  • I have been working on RHEL for a while now and I need to install this Nvidia driver for my GPU. I know I downloaded an efficient driver from the Nvidia website. I also installed the Red Hat kernel packages and they are are in / usr and also in /usr/include/linux/kernel.h

    It was ruled out for me for an authorized Nvidia driver to use the path and add its own path to find the kernel file. I run the driver config with: --kernel-source-path / usr / include 

    Nvidia reports that / usr / include / include / linux / kernel that.h is a very invalid path (note the additional information. This include is a component, Nvidia adds). Ok, no problem, I’m running

    Where is Redhat source code?

    Source code for individual versions may be available from source packages (SRPM). You can get it from the Red Hat Customer Portal. The latest version (RHEL 7.3) is available at—7/7.3/x86_64/product-sources. --kernel-source-path / usr / 

    Where is kernel path in linux?

    The kernel file is in Ubuntu in your / boot folder and is actually called vmlinuz-version.

    And that unfortunately tells me that / usr / was an invalid entry for the given parameter.

    I don’t know what to do next. Can I move files to a different directory listing? Or is this an acknowledged Nvidia issue? A google search found the number 1 for this specific issue.

    requested Jun 16 ’20 at 18:46

    Isn’t The Exit You’re Looking For? Check Out Other Key Questions About The Nvidia Gpu Tag Driver, Also Ask Your Own Question.

    where is the centos kernel source path

    / usr / include is my path to include files in userspace programs. The place where RHEL kernel-devel -RPMs places the compilation of headers for kernel modules is actually / usr / src / kernels / $ (uname -r) .

    How do I find the kernel source path?

    1 answer. / usr / include is definitely the path to include files in user-space programs. For convenience, when the RHEL kernel developer RPMs put headers when compiling kernel modules, this is / usr / src / kernels / $ (uname -r).

    The Nvidia installer should be confident enough to recognize it automatically, as there should be a symbolic link under / lib / modules / $ (uname -r) / build pointing to it.

    So make sure kernel-devel has an RPM that matches the extreme version of the kernel you are using, then try this:

    where is the centos kernel source path --kernel-source-path / usr / src / kernels / $ (uname -r) 

    As the name suggests, the plan is for a directory whose hierarchical formula matches the root of your standard Linux kernel source tree. He will have his own rideo include , especially where the installer is.

    answered Jun 12 ’20 at 21:15

    Where is the kernel source directory in Centos?

    The bonsai tree with the kernel source is now in your ~ / rpmbuild / BUILD / kernel * / linux * / directory.


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