You are currently viewing Fixed: How To Fix A Chainsaw Bug In Walbro Carburetor.

Fixed: How To Fix A Chainsaw Bug In Walbro Carburetor.


You may see an error code indicating troubleshooting for your Walbro carburetor chainsaw. It turns out there are several steps you can take to fix this problem, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do now.

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    Reset Walbro Carburetor To Walbro Default Settings

    How do you adjust the carburetor on a Walbro chainsaw?

    Locate the two fuel change screws on the side of the metal carburetor assembly.Turn the two screws carefully clockwise to secure the main screw base to the carburetor.Keep the accelerator pedal wide open to fully accelerate the vehicle engine.

    Any “standard” setting is a good starting point for troubleshooting a carburetor. To do this, tighten both screws completely (not firmly, turn enough), then turn 1½ full turns. To do this, the engine must start and stop, although it can be poorly controlled. If you can’t get started at this point, try twisting the nails back and forth until the action takes place. If not, then the melting problem is probably something else, really like a clogged nozzle or soft spark.

    You can find detailed manuals and parts lists for Walbro carburetors HERE in the workshop books section

    Walbro carburetor starts and stops after a few co seconds

    The Walbro carb is really clogged. The most common cause of a slow or clogged carburetor is fuel injection into a chainsaw, mower, hedge trimmer with an inflator on, or for many hours. Over time, some of the live ingredients in the fuel may disappear, leaving behind thicker, stickier properties and functions. This sticky fuel can clog the carburetor and prevent the electric motor from starting. If the carburetor is now clogged, try cleaning the carburetor. If cleaning the main carburetor is ineffective, consider overhauling or replacing the carburetor.

    Idle screw adjustment LA (low speed)

    The mixture adjusting screw is your current screw, which is marked with the letter L on the carburetor’s cast iron. Turn the screw very slowly counterclockwise, even if you hear a motor sound. Keep spinning until the speed of the program starts to slow down and write it down. Now turn the propeller clockwise, our own motor should accelerate to a large peak, then its speed should decrease again, indicatinglive this position. Now just point the screw in the middle of these two positions.

    High speed screw adjustment

    walbro carb chainsaw troubleshooting

    To do this, we want to repeat the operations that we used for the first propeller, only with the engine at full speed: slowly turn counterclockwise until the engine speed drops, i.e. clockwise, and center the propeller between the two consumer points …

    Fine adjustment of the Walbro carburetor

    walbro carb chainsaw troubleshooting

    Remember that turning the fastener counterclockwise makes the mixture richer (more fuel – air), and turning it clockwise (more air fills). An overfilled engine does not completely burn off excess gas, resulting in more fouling of the spark plugs as well as more smoke during consumption. In any case, it does not produce powers of number. It is always best to err on the side of a two-stroke engine, i.e. a two-stroke car, as lean fuel also means unwanted grease lubrication.
    To achieve this optimal and slightly high cm Ci, you need to turn the high speed propeller counterclockwise until the constantly loaded motor starts to run at approximately full throttle. While the engine is at the throttle, turn it clockwise as far as it will go, but just enough to keep the engine running smoothly.

    Accelerating Walbro carburetor

    Pull the engine out for a few seconds at idle speed, then report the situation at full throttle. The engine speed should be increased to full for a few seconds. If the other oscillates, turn the idle adjusting screw counterclockwise, but no more than the size of the adjusting screw slot at a time, until smooth acceleration is achieved.

    Walbro carburetor delay

    Run the engine at full throttle for a few seconds, then release the throttle fully. The engine speed should return to a constant idle speed in about two seconds. If it is again reduced to idle speed, idle speed will also work erratically, adjust the idle speed adjustment screw according toDo not get a consistent hold that does not exceed the maximum width of the screw’s adjusting slot.

    Troubleshooting Walbro Carburetor, Final Inspection Step
    double slow motion

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  • Turn the bolt clockwise to speed up the tensioner and counterclockwise to slow it down in a controlled manner. If your device is equipped with a black i465 clutch that automatically engages when the engine accelerates, you should set the idle speed of one of our devices just below the thresholds used by the clutch. If not, you should get used to keeping the RPM as low as possible to keep the engine running smoothly. Troubleshooting guides for Walbro carburettors can be found in the current manuals section for your specific Walbro model.



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    How do I know if my chainsaw carburetor is bad?

    How do you adjust a Walbro needle valve?




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