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What Is Causing The Unsupported Virtual Disk Service Error And How Can I Fix It?

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    If your computer displays an “Unsupported virtual disk service error” error, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with these troubleshooting methods.

    Presentation “The Device (specified) Does Not Contain A Multimedia System”

    “Virtual Disk Service Error: No media with device” and “There is no media on the specified device” are two similar error messages indicating the same problem. The first notification often pops up whenever you try to format your USB drive using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, while the second one keeps showing up when you usually try to empty the USB drive. Diskpart command on your USB device to use.


    If you encounter one of the two errors, you will see the following usage symptoms:

    • You will be prompted for this special “Please insert CD into removable disk” error message when you try to open it.
    • If you check the properties of the device type, the USB flash drive will show that 0 bytes are occupied and therefore 0 bytes are available.
    • USB key position in disk management – “Not supported”
    • You cannot format the USB stick.


    How do I fix virtual disk service error media is write protected?

    To fix a useful bug with Diskpart, the media is write protected. You can also try changing the value of the Writeprotect key in the registry by first deleting the drive’s attributes as write protected, then clearing them, repairing corrupted file software on the media, changing all read-only modes from yes to no.

    Almost everyone the error has its reasons. “There will probably be no media in the (specified) device,” is still no exception. The USB device usually displays as “Out” pending at:

    • Master boot record (MBR) corruption
    • I / O device error.
    • Failed or failed to physically damage the new device / USB.

    “There is really no media in the device (specified)” is definitely an error and is usually dangerous because it prevents you from formatting the USB drive or other destination using the HP USB Disk Tool Storage Format Tool. Being able to provoke for various reasons is a difficult task that is very popular among users. There have always been reliable solutions available to fix my “No media in device” error without losing data.

    Fixes For “There Is No Media On Device (specified)

    How do you fix virtual disk service error there is no media in the device?

    We connect our USB to the PC.Right-click This PC and select Manage.Click Disk Management.Go to Actions and click Rescan Disk.Reload the soup computer.

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  • Before submitting a manual repair request, please give some tips on how to repair your new USB drive. Reporting Virtual Disk Service Error: No Media for Entire Device or On Specified Devicethere is no video. “”.

    Method 1: Re-parse The Disk

    Step 1: Right-click This PC and select> Manage, Disk Management.

    Step 3. Restart your computer and also check the status of the disk in Disk Management. If it says “Clean”, you may be able to format the USB drive by getting the error message “There is no more space on the device.”

    Method 2. Or Update The Device Driver, Reinstall

    Step 1: Right-click This PC and select Manage> Device Manager.

    Step 2. Expand Disks, Have Disk, then right-click the USB drive and select Update Driver.

    Step 3. In the new window, select the driver “Automatically check for updates”.

    To reinstall the USB driver, the device wants to “Remove device” instead. Then restart your computer and the driver will be reinstalled automatically. In Device Manager, you can also select Check for Hardware Changes to see Th.

    Method 3. Recreate The MBR

    MBR, Master Boot Record, is primarily a hard drive niche. Flash memory created with USB can also have MBR. If there is a corrupted MBR on the disk, your device will not work safely. “There is no such medium as a device” is one of the differences you may encounter. Luckily, you can recreate the MBR on a USB stick using third party software. With the help of some free partition manager – EaseUS Partition You Master, you can actually restore the Master Boot Record on your disk. See the MBR overhaul article for detailed instructions.

    Method 4. Use USB Recovery Tool

    Many users have tried to fix the “Device (specified) is missing from the media” error using a USB recovery tool. There are many tools out there to help you recover USB drives. Choose any safe and reliable tool to directly repair your USB drive.

    In some models, tools have been repairedespecially for these special users. For example, JetFlash Online Recovery is a recovery tool specially designed for Transcend’s JetFlash USB sticks. Make sure your USB drive manufacturer provides you with this type of tool. Otherwise, you can use other USB repair tools that can be used to repair your USB drive, regardless of the drivers associated with their brand.

    virtual disk service error no media

    After the fixes, you will be in one of the following three situations:

    • Your USB programs are properly in disk management and you can actually use them normally. USB
    • Yours no longer appears as “No Support” in Disk Management. Instead, this USB stick says “RAW” or the device is accessible from Disk Management but removed anyway.
    • USB status is always “No media”.

    If you are in the original situation, congratulations, the error “There is no media in the device” would be completely resolved. If you do find yourself in the third situation, it is highly recommended that you send a USB stick for manual repair. However, if you find yourself in the second situation, you will need to go through two more sessions before you can use your device. Again, this is definitely data recovery and then USB stick styling.

    Recover Data From USB Before Fixing The Problem

    How do I fix virtual disk error volume is not Formattable?

    Launch the program, right-click the drive you want to find in the main window and select “Convert to GPT Disk”.Click OK to confirm the MBR to GPT conversion results without deleting any data.

    If there are large downloads on the USB storage device, you may need to restore the data first by making the device inaccessible. (Otherwise, you can directly format your USB drive to get it back to normal.) With the hard drive data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can probably easily recover files from a hard-to-reach device, including disks. RAW>

    Download Easeus Data Recovery Wizard and follow each of the guides below to recover data directly from your USB drive.

    Connect USB stick to computer and run EaseUS USB data recovery in your PC software. Select the USB drive labeled as removable disk and press Check “Scanner” to start searching for lost files.

    virtual disk service error no media

    EaseUS Data Recovery Assistant can deep scan your USB drive and find all lost results on it. After the scanning process is complete, use part of the filtering function to filter out a specific type of system file. This allows you to check and preview the version found on your USB drive.

    How do I fix No media in diskpart?

    Open the AOMEI Partition Wizard. Right-click all the partitions you want to format, but choose Format Partition.In the next window, change the name of the partition, select the stock system and the cluster size.Click Apply, then click Continue to complete formatting.

    You can view the scan results by double clicking. Select the target files you want to recover, but also click “Recover” to keep them in a safe place on your PC and other external storage devices.


    With your current valuable data safe, you can format your USB drive from today without any problem. To format your Windows computer, you can get information from File Explorer, Disk Management, or a third-party USB tool. Here’s the simplest one:

    Step 3. Assign a file system to your USB drive and click “Start”.

    End Result

    In most cases, noMedia quality is a condition on the USB storage device that indicates damage to the device. If the above fixes did not render the USB drive unusable, then most likely your technology is out of order and needs to be repaired or replaced. Hope one of the solutions can help you. Note:


    î˜ can test your USB connection first by switching to a different USB port, plugging the current USB port into the rear port on the front panel, or plugging a USB storage device into your computer.
    î˜ ”Important
    The recovery process can also delete all files from the USB drive. So, with everything you need on your device, don’t worry about properly rebuilding your USB after repair.

    Enjoy a faster

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