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Solving The Problem Of Using Autorun In Windows 7

Last week, some of our users reported to us that they were using AutoPlay in Windows 7.

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    To control AutoPlay in Windows Vista or 4, open the Start menu by clicking the Start button or by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. Type “autoplay” in the search field and click “Autoplay”. In Windows 8, open the search in settings using the keyboard shortcut “Papan Ketik” Windows key + W, enter “autoplay” in the search box and click “Autoplay”.


    The Windows AutoRun electronics wasTrue, Windows 95 uses a good fixed program to run automatically, such asmenu or in the configuration program when the participant inserts a removable wholesale coinmedia (such as a CD) to the Internet. Initially autorunTechnology was just about everything for used CDs and DVDs, although in later years thesePerhaps this technology was also used to easily detect a program on a USB stick.player (USB key). AutoRun is a used car with a USB drive.Also involved are othera technology called AutoPlay. Autoplay wasintroduced that have Windows XP and are used to help you enter the user listActions (options) from which the user could well choose to process elementsMedia.

    General article explaining whereAutoRun and AutoPlay work together when it comes to using USB drives.available on our website: Usando Autorun En Windows 7
    Mit Autorun Unter Windows 7
    Autorun Gebruiken In Windows 7
    Ispolzovanie Avtozapuska V Windows 7
    Windows 7에서 자동 실행 사용
    Za Pomoca Automatycznego Uruchamiania W Systemie Windows 7
    Anvander Autorun I Windows 7
    Utiliser L Execution Automatique Dans Windows 7
    Usando Autorun No Windows 7
    Usando L Esecuzione Automatica In Windows 7