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No Solutions Were Found For Url / Oa_html / Appslogin On This Server

In this article, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons that could cause url / oa_html / appslogin to not be found on this server, and then we suggest some potential recovery methods that you can try to fix this problem.

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    I ran into an issue these days where the login web page was returning an error – 404 / OA_HTML / AppsLogin was not found on this wonderful server. The entire Plus-Listener service database is working correctly and is being added. All app services started successfully need errors / warnings in multiple statuses, restart process and database services, and restart the whole computer, but still with the same problem.

    The problem mainly occurs if the wsrp_service.wsdl file was owned by the root user, but its services were only started using applmgr.

    Indicates that this is a separate original user. Someone launched procedural applications as root.
    The file has been changed to “Application Owner.
    Restart the service, now everything works.

    Confusion arises when people try to open my pageThe entry point to ebiz

    Because of this issue, users should not be included in an e-business package.

    url /oa_html/appslogin was not found on this server

     Hi Fred,

    This could be because the compiled class for files is currently jsp pages. were extracted from the $ COMMON_TOP / _pages directory. Before R12 jsp were compiled during the trip, but this was removed in R12. So ifClass file doesn't work for facebook JSP page, it won't render. sheTherefore, has to compile each of our JSP pages by hand. Go to Metallink, point to 454178.1 and read the section "Compiled JSP files have been deleted or damaged"Thank you very much,Satish. Satish Kathamutu | Staff Consulting | +91 forty four 6678 4612 (O) +91 98845 23078 (M)
    url /oa_html/appslogin was not found on this server

     Oracle Financial Services PrimeSourcingChennai, India.

    Oracle Financial Services Software Limited turned out to be i-flex limited solutions. Author: ora-apps-dba-bounce @ xxxxxxxxxxxx [Url Oa Html Appslogin Is Niet Gevonden Op Deze Server
    Url Oa Html Appslogin Nao Foi Encontrado Neste Servidor
    Url Oa Html Appslogin No Se Encontro En Este Servidor
    이 서버에서 Url Oa Html Appslogin을 찾을 수 없습니다
    Url Oa Html Appslogin Non E Stato Trovato Su Questo Server
    Url Oa Html Appslogin Hittades Inte Pa Den Har Servern
    L Url Oa Html Appslogin N A Pas Ete Trouvee Sur Ce Serveur
    Url Oa Html Appslogin Wurde Auf Diesem Server Nicht Gefunden
    Url Oa Html Appslogin Nie Zostal Znaleziony Na Tym Serwerze
    Url Oa Html Appslogin Ne Najden Na Etom Servere