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Easiest Way To Fix Unity IOS Loading Screen Error

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    In the past few days, some readers have been getting a Unity IOS loading screen error message. This problem can arise for several reasons. Let’s discuss it now.

    How do I find out where the fault happened in Unity?

    There are two ways to find out where the error occurred: Unity enables programmatic handling of the NullReferenceException. The AOT compiler performs immediate null reference checking whenever a method or object variable is reached.

    Use the “Splash the Image” section to change the boot image of your app for other iOS devices. Settings

    Screensaver for the operating system platform

    Virtual reality. A system that immerses users in a modern artificial 3D world with realistic images and sounds using headset and motion tracking. For more information
    Viewing the Glossary The splash screen space above the general splash screen settings allows you to select a gender A startup boot image for virtual reality displays.

    Use the launch resolution of the storyboard which is in the general settings for the start screen, switch between a dedicated button for a custom storyboard and a touchscreen selection for launch.

    Custom Storyboards

    Use a storyboard as a marketing screen for iOS
    unity ios splash screen error

    If you check each of the Use Storyboard for Home Screen boxes, a custom storyboard button appears.

    Click the custom storyboard button to select a specific storyboard to appear when you launch the game on your device. To make your storyboard appear here, first create a storyboard in Xcode and copy it into your final project. For more information, see the Apple developer documentation for Storyboards, Views, and Connections.

    Use screensavers or create old iOS images

    If you uncheck the Use Storyboard for Welcome Screen checkbox, you can reAlize splash images in one of the following ways:

    • Start these screens.
    • Old Boot Images

    Launch Screens

    A splash screen is an XIB file from which the operating system of an Apple iOS device is created. For more information
    see Glossary. Creates a splash screen on certain types of devices. The following restrictions are coming soon:

    • You cannot display various content related to device orientation for iPad.
    • All iPhones support the landscape splash screen, but some operating system versions display the splash screen in landscape mode due to a bug.

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  • Typically, in the “iPhone Home” and “iPad Home” sections, select the type of home screen for iPad and iPad mobile:

    value Function
    Standard If you select this option, Unity will add a solid blue-black image in the same color as the standard Unity Rush screen background. The image is used in portrait and landscapeformat and then displayed in format fill mode.
    No If a person chooses this option, the Xcode project created by Unity will not have a fantastic XIB file.
    Image background as well as (relative size) Displays an image in a screen control and fills the rest of the area with a solid color.
    Portrait photo Choose a portrait photo in terms of orientation.
    Landscape Select a landscape image based on its orientation.
    Background Color A Select a background color to load all areas of the screen that the image does not cover.
    Fill Percentage Specify image size as an incredible percentage of screen thickness. Calculates the size of a single image directly from the length or width of the screen, whichever is faster (vertical for landscape, horizontal for image).
    Image and background (constant size) Displays good imagesin the center of the screen and fills the area with a solid color. It also has the same options as for image and background (relative size), except that you can specify the size of the image in pixels, not percentages.

    Tip. And the task pixels are not the same. A pixel (px) is one flip side of your image. A dot (pt) is a unit of length equal to 1/72 of an inch. Pixel size refers to the size and resolution of a computer screen, while dot shapes and sizes refer to the size of any movie theater screen. For more information see W3C Route to Size Units.Colspan = “2”> Custom

    If you select this option, the Custom XIB button will appear. Click the button that will allow you to select a custom XIB file to make sure you are using it to load the screen.

    Based on your settings, Unity determines which home screen or image to use in the following order (if the desired option is not available, Unity moves to the next option on our list):

    1. Starter Images for iPhone 6+ (preferred)
    2. Approved Image for configuring a mobile device
    3. Unity Standard Boot Image for Apple iPhone 4s 6+

    Note: With a Unity subscription, you have a Unity start screen that appears when the engine is initialized in addition to the selected dashboard screen.

    Old Photos

    Launch screens are static screen images that fill the entire screen. You can define them in the asset catalog ( Images.xcassets / LaunchImage ). Always enter the start of the screen for any constant combination of size and orientation:

    Parameter Screen length and type Loading screen size (pixels)
    iPhone 3.5 inches 3. 5-inch Retina display 640 x 940
    iPhone 4 “ 4-inch Retina display 640 x 1136
    iPhone 4.7 “ 4. 7-inch HD Retina display 750 x 134
    iPhone 5.5 “ 5.5-inch HD Retina display 1242 x 2208
    iPhone 5.5 “, landscape format 5.5-inch Retina HD display 2208 1242
    iPhone x 6.1 inches 6.1-inch HD Retina Liquid Display 828 x 1792
    iPhone6.1 “landscape format 6. Liquid 1-inch Retina HD display 1972 and 828
    iPhone 6.5 “ 6.5-inch Super Retina display 1242 high resolution x 2688
    iPhone 6.5 “, landscape format 6.5-inch Super Retina HD X display 2688 1242
    iPad vertical 7.9 inches with 9.7 inches without retina 768 x 1024
    iPad landscape 7.9 inches, 9.7 inches without retina 1024 x 768
    iPad vertical 7.9-inch or possibly Retina X 10.5-inch display 1536 2048
    iPad landscape 7.9-inch or 9.7-inch Retina display 2048-1536

    unity ios splash screen error

    For more information, see the Apple Stylish Home Screen documentation.

    Can I use the Unity UI system instead of the splash screen?

    using the Unity UI system. They can be in addition to or instead of the Unity start screen, depending on your subscription. The Unity start screen is the same across all platforms. It will appear instantly when the initial scene asynchronously loads into the background.

    Older iPhones, because iPhone 6+ only supports portrait boot images. New iPhones also support landscape format.

    • Specific traversal of the boot image if you provide one.
    • The default Unity boot image, which is probably solid blue and black.

    Note. You must define all boot images for your build.

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