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How To Fix Windows 7 Start Menu That Won’t Make It Easy To Search

If you receive the error “Cannot search the Start menu in Windows 7”, this guide was written to help you. 1. Open the indexing and search options by clicking all the launch buttons, clicking Control Panel, moving its system and maintenance, and then clicking the dummy indexing options. 2. Click “Advanced”, just click the “Indexing Options” tab, then click “Repair”.


Windows does not have built-in desktop search. These should be Windows 7 users experiencing delays. Enter something and your search results may not always compete with what you are looking for, it may not work at all. However, desktop search is one of the most important tools in the Windows arsenal. There are several related things you can do to improve the Windows 7 Desktop Store

Start Menu And Windows 7. Search Desktop

The instinct here is to make sure you go into explorer and windows mode in whatever you’re looking for, but keep in mind that windows explorer can only view the folder you’re in. The best way to stumble upon something in Windows 7 is to open the Start menu on the go and create the search you want. From there, it will search your entire computer, not just an individual file, files, or even programs that match the terms you entered in the search bar.

Search In Windows 7not Working: Identify Problems

Why can’t I search in the Start menu?

Searching in the Start menu does not work in Windows 10. Check out our own search engine and indexing settings. Run the troubleshooter doc of search and indexing. Re-register Universal Apps in Windows 10.

How do I fix the search bar in Windows 7?

Open the Start menu by clicking Control Panel.In the “Programs” section, click “Uninstall a program”.Click Turn Windows features on or off.Check the box next to the search box to have a check mark in the box.

If a customer finds that Windows Desktop Search is not working in Windows 7 from the Build menu or Windows Explorer, they can use the Windows 7 Troubleshooter Wizard to determine any problems they may encounter. probably unaware of it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Control Panel and select “System and Security”, then select “Repair and troubleshoot”. To verify this, you must appear in the category.

unable to search in start menu windows 7

5. The wizard usually requires you to have administrator rights in order to click “Try to troubleshoot as administrator”. After that, you may need to review the list of problems again.

unable to search in start menu windows 7

The wizard then diagnoses the fix and problems using a search. If the problem is not resolved, keep reading.

Find The Content Of Your Files

Windows Desktop Search in Windows 7 can search the contents of your good files by default. This means that whoever appears in Desktop Search will know if the new file actually appears on your computer.the most popular search terms. The problem with the desktop when searching in Windows 9 is that this “standard” feature doesn’t always work. Thus, you won’t be able to find the paper copy you want, especially if you don’t search for the file name Explorer.

  • Forward

    • Open a window to arrange> folder for search options.

    7. Also, if the person returns to the Advanced Options window, clicks the Indexing Options tab and clicks the Create New button in the game.

    Indexing will take a while, but once it finishes, you shouldn’t have any problems if Windows 7 search isn’t working (yet). You want the most important rebuild to happen when you are not using your computer, which can slow down your PC significantly during the process.

    Add Folder To Your Index

    Windows Search on Laptop or Computer 7 gives you a general idea of ​​where to index folders. It goes through your start menu, home folder, and everything related to offline files. If you are somethinghave changed or the documents are stored elsewhere on the entire disk, you should help add folders to your index so that desktop searches mostly show up in those folders, as this is “good”.

    This can be done in two simple ways: add a folder to a great library, or add a folder directly to the index. If you add this folder to one of your local libraries, it immediately becomes an index page because Windows Explorer will automatically index all of your local libraries. So you can either create a new library type or switch to an existing library with one click, access the properties and suggest a folder. This folder will be automatically indexed.

    Another option is to go to the indexing options (find it in the company menu), select “Modify” so that you can also add the new file to the index.

    The best way to find your company’s Windows 7 desktop is to use little buttons and hints. If you are still having problems, consider using an alternative Windows Desktop Search.

    Why does search not work in Windows 7?

    Windows 7 Search Not Working: Find Problems Open most of the control panel and select under “System and Security” Troubleshoot. You must be in Category View to see this. 4. Click Next, and then select the Files not showing up in search results check box after the troubleshooter finishes searching for problems.

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