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How Do I Fix Problems Installing The Ubuntu Linux Kernel Sources?

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    Over the past few days, some users have encountered a known error code while installing the Ubuntu Linux kernel source code. This problem occurs due to several factors. Let’s discuss this now.

    How do I install the Linux kernel source using Ubuntu patches? How can I install the Ubuntu Linux kernel source for 2.6.3x bonsai using the help Do you have batch conveyors?

    You must use the apt-get control to set the Linux kernel source rule. Open a terminal and enter one of the following commands to install the Ubuntu Linux source code:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install linux-source

    Examples of results:

    The package lists are being read … DoneCreate dependency treeReading zone information … DoneThe following additional packages are permanently installed: be linux-source-2.6.32Recommended packages: libncurses-dev ncurses-dev Kernel package Libqt3-devThe following NEW packages will be installed: Linux source linux-source-2.6.320 is updated, 2 is reinstalled, 6 is removed and 0 is simply not updated.You need 65.9 MB of archives.After this type of operation, 66.0 MB of additional disk space is used.Do you want to continue [Y / N]? Yes


    Create Environment

    If you haven’t already built a kernel on your system using it, you usually need a few packages before you can build successfully. You can get this type of installation with:

    •  sudo apt-get linux system build-dep linux-image - $ (uname -r) 

    Unfortunately, the above doesn’t install all of the core dependencies. The current introduction of Disco Goofy also requires the following packages.

    •  sudo apt-get install libncurses-dev gawk flex buffalo openssl libssl-dev dkms libelf-dev libudev-dev libpci-dev liliberty-dev autoconf 

    If you want to use Git, install it with:

    •  sudo apt-get install git 

    ubuntu linux kernel source install

    The above validation function requires your system to have the correct deb-src line in /etc/apt/sources.list and should always have:

    •  deb-src disco maindeb-src updates the main 

    Getting The Sources For Any Type Of Ubuntu Version

    There are several ways to get these kernel sources. The two most important sentences are documented here.

    If you need to install an Ubuntu version and want the measured kernel to wobble on your system, use one of our apt-get methods (detailed below) to get the source code.

    However, if you want to access the most recent sources for custom Ubuntu versions and make changes, use the Git methods (detailed below) to get the sources.


    Generated pooling code that can be used to get a custom binary package using the command apt-get source
    . For example, to get the source code for a running kernel, you can use the command:

    •  apt-get source linux-image-unsigned - $ (uname -r) 


    Everything that comes from the Ubuntu kernel source is also managed by git . Each version is searched for in its own Git repository via . To get a local copy, someone can just gitclone archive the post they are still interested in like below.

    •  git copy git: //  .git 
    •  git clone git: // 

    Change Object Configuration

    Where is kernel source code in Ubuntu?

    1 answer. The bzip file containing the source code is loaded into / usr / src /. The ie8 codes are taken from the original Linux kernel, which is available for download at

    This can be ignored if no configuration changes are required. During the creation process, a configuration is used, which, according to experts, consists of a number of sub-configuration files. The easiest way to set up anything is to run this:

    •  chmod a + x debian / ruleschmod a + x debian / scripts / *chmod a + x debian / scripts / misc / *LANG = C fakeroot debian / custom rulesLANG = C fakeroot debian / rules editconfigs the number you must pass after each (Y, Exit, Y, Exit ..) to get a configuration complaint later 

    This takes the current configuration for the individual architectures / flavors supported and youCalls the menuconfig time to edit the config file. Chmod is needed because by the nature of the original package it builds, it basically loses the executable bits in programs.

    ubuntu linux kernel source install

    To make your kernel “newer” than the standard Ubuntu kernel you are based on, the public needs to add a local options modifier. Before compiling, add something like “+ test1” at the end of the first type number in debian.master / changelog . This will help indicate when the kernel is running, since everything will also show up in uname -a . Please note that if a new Ubuntu kernel is released that is newer than your kernel (which is being restored), be careful when upgrading. NOTE: Do not try to use CONFIG_LOCALVERSION as it _removes_ the version.

    Building The Kernel

    How do I download kernel source?

    Google site: “linux-image-3.19. 0-58-generic”This should pay you the dashboard package page for that version.Scroll down, click on this special link “Source:”. You are now on the package sources page.Scroll down and stream. Tar. gz ,. various gz le. dsc files:

    Building a new kernel is very easy. Change the working directory to the root directory, which is similar to the kernel source tree, then change the following commands:

    •  LANG = C fakeroot debian / clean rules# build faster:LANG = C fakeroot debian / rules binary headers binary-generic binary-perarch# If you need Linux tools or melow latency draw, select:LANG = C fakeroot debian / binary rules 

    How do I find my kernel source code?

    The source code that generated your own specific binary package can be compiled with apt-get source Get. For example, to start a kernel delivery, your entire family can use the command: apt-get energy source linux-image-unsigned – $ (uname -r)

    If the build is still successful, a set of three .chemical package binaries will be created for promotion in the directory above the root directory. An example of building a kernel with application “4.8.0-17.19” on an amd64 system that has produced a large number (or four) .deb packages:

    •  CD * .deb    linux-4.8.0-17_4.8.0-17.19_all.deb headers    linux-4.8.0-17-generic_4.8.0-17.19_amd64.deb headers    linux-image-4.8.0-17-generic_4.8.0-17.19_amd64.deb 

    In these later versions, you will also find a real Linux add-on package that you should get your hands on if you have one.

    Testing The Current Kernel

    How do I install a specific Linux kernel?

    Get the most advanced kernel at the kernel.Untar I would say the kernel archive.Copy your existing Linux kernel configuration file.Compile and build the Linux 5.6 kernel.Install Linux kernel and modules (drivers)Update your grub config.

    Install all three packages (in the help for configuring your system or on different target system types) using dpkg -i, then restart:

    •  sudo dpkg -i linux * 4.8.0-17.19 * .debsudo restart 

    Debug Symbols

    It is sometimes useful to provide inline debug symbols as well. Two more steps are required. The original Pkg-config-dbgsym must be installed. Second, the current binary targets * ask you to add “skipdbg = false”.

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     sudo apt-get in place pkg-config-dbgsymLANG = C fakeroot debian / custom rulesLANG = C fakeroot debian / rules binaries-headers binary-common-binary-perarch skipdbg = false 

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