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How To Fix Memory Leak In Ubuntu Firefox?


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    This user guide will help you with memory leak in Ubuntu Firefox.



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    In my case, I disabled the Use Recommended Recording Settings option and lowered the limit from 6 (which wasAnd was still “recommended”) until 1. Firefox no longer uses RAM. But streaming to Twitch and Youtube across multiple tabs has changed dramatically and has become virtually unusable. I later increased the number to 4 and did not even notice an increase in RAM usage, but the market browser was able to display heavy content correctly again.
    After a whole day in Pycharm and Firefox RAM, I only have 46% left instead of over 90% I had in recent months.

    As a reminder, the specs of my laptop are: Apple i5-8265U (4 8 cores, threads), then 16 GB of RAM.

    My case was mostly very similar, since I also help Pycharm (max heap size to support 4GB), Firefox with 8-10 add-ons and 10-100 tabs at the latest (if I have everything but 5- 6 tabs disabled, Firefox you need to free up RAM) and some related lighter applications on my Ubuntu 20.04. I really hope that my address will be considered the correct answer.

    The downside is, of course, that I could not turn to any research tool and p Solving the problem. Almost pure coincidence.
    The last about: memory buttons didn’t reduce the RAM by about 10GB, although I just left the tab with other lightweight HTML pages (like Hacker News).
    about: performance was also not required, please understand that the RAM usage was not high.

    answered Jul 29 ’20 at 11:48 pm

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  •   about: config 

    Received 11/25/20 at 10:02 am

    ubuntu firefox memory leak

    ubuntu firefox memory leak




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    How do I fix memory leak in Firefox?

    Switch to another browser.Refresh Firefox.Disable your plugins.Check your Firefox settings.Use fewer tabs.Use the “Minimize Memory Usage” button.

    How do I stop Firefox from using so much memory?

    Please update to get the latest version. The latest version of Firefox may contain performance improvements.Restart Firefox.Reboot your computer.Disable useful extensions and themes.Hide unpleasant content.Use fewer tabs.Check Firefox hardware acceleration.Reduce your content step limit.

    How do I find a memory leak in Firefox?

    Typing “about: memory” in the Firefox address bar gives you a complete picture of the actual memory usage of the application, including the use of each tab and window.




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