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Issues With Socket Offload Failure/socket Error With Trending?

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    It seems that some users have encountered an error message with the error “Trend connection failed to unload/socket successful”. This issue can occur for a number of reasons. We will review them now.



    trend connection unsuccessful unload/socket error

    In order to investigate communication problems between server and client, the public should test their connection:

    OfficeScan and Apex One use two-way communication. The agent binds to the server for protocol updates, downloads, downloads from quarantine, and other actions. The server establishes connections to ensure agents check their online/offline status and notify agents of configuration changes and optional updates available.

    More information about ports and required protocols has the capability of the ports used by OfficeScan and routines , allow through the firewall on the other router.

    Please also read this written content regarding HTTPS/TLS traffic: HTTPS communication issues are possible in OfficeScan XG SP1.

    1. Specify a specific agent IP address and citylisteners:
      • For identification Navigate to Agents > Manage Agents > Find Endpoint.

        Most likely, you are identifying an IP address with an endpoint and a configured listener.

        In order to obtain

        accurate results, the IP address must be tested on the chemical side, as there are communication problems that may prevent the IP address from updating properly on the console if it differs on the endpoint.

      • To confirm from the endpoint, open a good trusted command prompt and run ipconfig to find the address, ip and maybe right click on the agent icon and type it in the taskbar and select “component versions”.

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    Audio port visible at the top of the glass.

  • On the OfficeScan/Apex One server:< ol>
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • In the address bar, type the following, replacing the IP address in addition to the specified port:

    https://: / ?CAVIT

    CAVIT must be in upper case. Agents earlier than OfficeScan XG SP1 should instead use http to communicateSkip https because the key was not redirected to https prior to XG SP1.

  • Press Enter.
    trend connection unsuccessful unload/socket error

    for a successful connection will display a certification warning. This is for the agent to use an internally trusted certificate. Continue past the warning and a page with a text string starting with !CRYPT! appears.

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