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How To Fix Thinkpad BIOS Reset Service Error


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    Hope this guide helps you if your computer has Thinkpad BIOS reset service.



    If you have set a private password in BIOS setup, clients will be prompted for this key password before accessing BIOS setup topics. However, if you have forgotten your personal BIOS information on a Lenovo laptop, how do you know the BIOS setup options? How do I reset or completely remove a forgotten password?

    If you are having problems with your laptop, it is best to contact the manufacturer’s support for the recommended methods for unlocking BIOS settings. But as I see on the official Lenovo laptop website, if you forget about the old changes, they still won’t be able to help other than resetting your BIOS account information. They will recommend that you replace the motherboard.

    If Lenovo Service Support cannot help you unlock your own password, you can askInstall BIOS using the following methods. You can try Lenovo ThinkPad, IdeaPad, Yoga, other Lenovo laptops and newer.

    3 Ways to Unlock BIOS Account on Lenovo Laptop:
    Use backdoor password
    Remove the CMOS battery
    SDA and SCL short circuit in the security chip

    Use Full Backdoor Password

    The manufacturer actually built a backdoor password into the BIOS. It’s hidden, so we don’t usually see it, but we can experiment with it to find out the master password on the website.

    1. Turn on the laptop, press the F1 key to open the BIOS entry screen.

    2. If all of these three security passwords in this particular password check text box are incorrect for certain passwords, you will be taken to the System Offline screen. And you will get a code with the backdoor password. Make a note of this key fact code.

    3. On your way to another computer with an Internet connection, open this https: // bios-pw-site: .org /.

    4. Enter the password you want to include in the system deactivation screen and click GetYour password “.

    5. You will receive a list of associated passwords. Walk up to your laptop, wake it up and press F1 to restart the BIOS input filter, then try browsing the full password list one by one. However, you can only enter three incorrect passwords before your current system is locked. Good luck!

    thinkpad bios reset service

    If you can’t buy a backdoor password, try our own methods below.

    Remove The CMOS Battery

    1. Turn off your Lenovo laptop, unplug it from the power source, and disconnect all cables from the laptop.

    2. Keep the battery away from the laptop and then avoid the bottom of the battery.

    3. Locate this CMOS battery and carefully remove the CMOS from the battery-powered laptop. This could potentially reset the BIOS to defaults, which clears the BIOS password.

    4. Wait an hour, put the CMOS battery back in the same slot, reassemble it and the laptop.

    thinkpad bios reset service

    5. Power on this particular laptop, press F1 key several times to enter Lenovo / ThinkPad BIOS settings without enteringyes password.

    SDA And SCL Intrinsically Safe Closing

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • 1. Turn off the laptop, disconnect it from the power source, disassemble the laptop. (Look at the model and put it on, you can take a photo on it / p>

    2. If you disassemble the laptop, you will find most of the microcircuit. It is located in the lumbar region of the motherboard. Take a plastic bump and rotate the motherboard a lot more than you can see. As in the image below, the bullet is in a red circle.

    3. To short-circuit the microcircuit, you need to turn on the laptop trunk. So, after discovering most of the SCL and Connect sda, the reader, battery, keyboard, display and other basic components are really solid.

    4. Connect to the AC adapter and turn on the laptop. As soon as the LED on the keyboard comes on, temporarily turn on SCL and SDA.

    5! ! ! If all goes well, most people will easily enter BIOS without asking for a password. If not, try several times.

    6. When entering BIOS modules, reset the BIOS password. If this is not usually necessary, you can disable the BIOS administrator password in case someone forgets the BIOS password on your computer system.

    7. Finally, just press F10 to exit and save your changes.

    8. After successfully unlocking the BIOS, shut down the laptop and re-assemble the main laptop.

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    Usluga Resetowania Systemu Bios Thinkpad
    Servis Sbrosa Thinkpad Bios
    Servico De Redefinicao De Bios Da Thinkpad
    Servizio Di Ripristino Del Bios Di Thinkpad
    Thinkpad Bios Reset Service
    Thinkpad Bios Aterstallningstjanst
    씽크패드 바이오스 리셋 서비스
    Service De Reinitialisation Du Bios Thinkpad
    Servicio De Reinicio De Bios Thinkpad
    Thinkpad Bios Reset Dienst