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How To Easily Fix Parameter – Invalid Error Message In Qtp

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    I hope this article will help you when you see “invalid parameter” error message in qtp. There are some problems with your script. You need to set objects because that’s the purpose. You can iterate over objects in a for loop. count is far from obj.count. In the for body you need to use (i).GetROProperty objects (you forgot if you want to index with i). In the new print statement, index to create nested names for none

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    02/06/2008, 23:37

    Hello everyone,

    I’m getting an error about the ‘Invalid’ parameter available in the login window. I proved my best. No, but you have the opportunity to find out exactly what your problem is.


    Browser("ABC").Page("ABC").WebEdit("loginID").Set "johnSmith"< /code>

    Any help is welcome

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    03/06/2008, 03:28

    the parameter is incorrect error message in qtp

    I'm thinkingI hope your code is ok.
    Make sure the buyers provide the correct login ID in conjunction with how you passed that password, and also make sure the login to the Internet ID object in the object store exists.


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    Solved: 8 years, 6 months, 1 week ago

    06/03/2008, AM


    the parameter is incorrect error message in qtp

    Your code is flawless. Without a doubt. Just check if the Login ID object is offered in the OU of your file. If not, add here. Watch connection properties in your application. Both should always be the same.

    Try again and good luck. Let's see if this solves the third problem

    Thank you

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    What is parameter UFT?

    Setting allows. citizens to choose different values ​​during the range. This saves time and effort. The use of data drivers allows our website to use the same data for different input fields. (Data drivers have always been a feature provided by HP UFT that displays all the constants that can be set in one main window.

    04/06/2008, 01:54

    I also make sure its object is visible on the web page. Add a wait() statement or a WaitProperty method to wait for the In object to render.

    I'm getting an "Invalid Parameter" error in the login area. I tried everything possible. No, but able to fully see the problem.

    I think your code is really all right.
    Please check which experts indicate if you provided a real login id and how you are passing the password, and also check if an object is offered for the object store login id.

    Your code turns out to be perfect. Without a doubt. Just make sure that the Login ID object is almost certainly available in the OU of your file. If not, add a device to it. You can then also check the location of the login ID in your OU and monitor the properties of the login ID in yourposition. Both are perfectly identical.

    Which of the following error should be handled in UFT?

    Unexpected events during the discovery run will interrupt the test or may lead to incorrect test results. Handling exceptions in a way that does not interrupt test execution is called error handling. These are certainly the ways in which error handling can be implemented in QTP.

    Try .briefly .again .and .good luck .. Help me find out if this solves the 3rd-r problem

    Also make sure this goal is visible on the page. Add a wait() statement or a WaitProperty statement to wait for the object to finish rendering.

    I don't know what kind of help you're looking for, sustainability is what you should expect from a testing tool that throws an error when asked for a step that doesn't seem to be able to be performed.

    If the client wants to do something else in cases where this error occurs, you can do one of two things.

    1. Add a massive recovery script that handles this case.
    2. Replace WebEdit.Set with whatever you want (using function builder)
    General definition of Function CheckedSet(ByRef obj, ByVal value)       maxLen implies obj.GetROProperty("max length")       valLen = Len(value)       If maxLen > valLen Then        evaluate obj.Set       Different        "Do whatever you need to do here        Reporter.ReportEvent micWarning, "Set", "Lengh of '" & market price &"' ("& &") valLen can be longer than the maximum repeat field lengtha: " & maxLen       end ifoutput functionRegisterUserFunc "WebEdit", "Set", "CheckedSet"

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