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Troubleshooting Tecra 9100 Bios Battery Made Easy

Quick and Easy PC Repair

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips if you are getting the tecra 9100 BIOS battery error. The battery pack (also known as motherboard, CMOS, real time clock (RTC), clock battery) will most likely be a CR2032 lithium battery.

  • Do I need to change BIOS battery?

    When is the right time to make sure you replace your motherboard battery? As we all know from experience, batteries don’t usually last forever. Eventually, the new CMOS drama series will stop running; they usually last up to 10 years. Regular use of the computer means the CMOS battery will last longer.

    Update bi with Tecra M2

    Hi, I have an outdated Tecra M2 PTM20 and need to update the bios, I found the bios listed for the registered M2
    but when I try to run the update I get a message that this computer is secure and not supported < /p>

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  • If you are generally 100% sure that you have selected the correct BIOS for this series of connected cells, the problem should preferably be due to the lack of Toshiba software required to write the BIOS. Mentioned

    as above; commonly used modules should be installed if someone is using Win XP.
    VAP expected when using Win Vista or Win As 7

    But once I find out that there is no software for Win 7 or Vista to let them update that old Tecra series in this way, you can really screw up the Win XP bios.

  • Is CMOS battery the same as BIOS battery?

    In short, of course. While the laptop’s main battery powers everything from the CPU to the hard drive and is therefore usually one of the largest and heaviest parts of your laptop, the CMOS battery powers the BIOS directly and is usually the size of a coin and resides on the motherboard. .

    An editable Tecra 9100 map?

    Can anyone tell people if it’s possible to replace the sound card on one of our Tecra 9100s? And if you think about it, then where to find progressive. Ahow to open the one on the laptop to access the new location on the sound card.
    Thanks audience, Peter (from Germany)


    I believe each of our Tecra 9100s uses a separate presentation table
    Yamaha YMF753 is a sound 16-bit stereo blaster proven professional compatible system (WAVE and MIDI)
    It can be removed and replaced without replacing the entire motherboard . , unfortunately this part can be ordered from the original Toshiba service partner.
    But you don’t seem to have much historical experience with replacing these witches.

    I therefore recommend that you contact a technician for this exchange.

  • Bios Tecra 9000 low battery life

    Hi, can anyone help me at home, I’m looking for a CMOS power supply for my Tecra 9000; The mobile computing device of the computer has not yet recognized the date when I start it. Message: bad RTC battery, I would say bad checksum, check the system, but also press the F1 key. I tried to buy a battery in a German online store, but I can’t find a seller here.tsa.


    It’s not easy to find a good dealer. I believe this can be better stopped by an authorized service partner.

  • Ask how the Bios Tecra 8100 works2.5

    I have installed the latest bios on my tecra 8100. I have a question: what is the best size hard drive for most phones? Now I have a 13 GB hard drive, but I want a bigger one. And 512 MB of RAM is the maximum, is it permissible (2×256 MB)? Is it possible to adjust the size of the video memory at all?

    The Tecra 8100 is an incredibly good laptop in my opinion.


    Hello, Stefan

    You are absolutely right. 512 MB of maximum RAM is generally quite portable for this device. If customers want to buy more RAM, I recommend the 256MB PC100 (PA3051U-1NME). This RAM has probably been tested and works fine with this device.

    Unfortunately, video memory expansion is not possible. And now all sorts of little things on the HARD DISK. Unfortunately, there are no documents here where such information can be found, but I am fine withI know that with a 50 or 40 GB HARD DISK there would be no problems.

    tecra 9100 bios batterie

    Have fun with this laptop, but it looks old-fashioned.

  • Update BIOS Tecra M5 3.60 – unable to install


    I can’t – install the new BIOS type update (V3.60) on my M5. I currently have V3.50 on Windows Vista, but have never had a problem running the update. It just says “This laptop is not supported”.

    Do you need a special battery for CMOS?

    This CMOS application requires a battery to ensure that your computer’s settings, and therefore the configurations stored in the volatile CMOS memory chips, are not lost if one of our power supplies is interrupted or system power is interrupted.

    If I remember correctly, the last time I did BIOS settings on the M5s 2, I had several different versions, depending on which product you have, something like 50 or even 51.

    Does anyone have any other obstacles or suggestions?

    Thank you


    tecra 9100 bios batterie

    Tecra M5 What series do you have? PTM50E or PTM51E?

    Enjoy a faster

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