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Tips For Fixing Sybase Error 3403

Quick and Easy PC Repair

  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    During failure recovery, Adaptive Server scans the transaction log until the last page is identified. If this scan finds a website with an item ID in the page header that experts believe doesn’t match most syslogs, error 3403 occurs. This may be due to a hardware failure or an Adaptive Server issue.

    Larry Kuhn wrote:>> I contacted technical support with an open case for this issue, but> They recently gave up and gave up. I am looking at> other than ideas.>> Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 9500 ESD 2/RS6000/AIX> 4.3.2/1666/32bit/FBO/Th Feb 21 09:30:13>> 2001> This server serves a fantastic secondary purpose (mainly for testing with> data from henchmen) and therefore not regularly numerous.> We had a power outage and when the power came back, only two of them> Disks from this shared AIX were not returned.>> Some in the databases have nothing to do with these disks,> and was confident enough to return them with the correct problem. from> Somerepositories contained data segments on failed drives and> I consider these mailing lists to be lost.>> Only two shards connected to databases lost shard records> readers. I thought I could get these two DBs from the market.> again (I know I’m losing my last transactions, but it’s not> anxiety in this case). I opened another folder with Tech> support, and first, finally received the following process> to help you keep track of each of these step 2 databases:>> 1. Create a clean database (which I named “Monday”) for> the same segments and each message is often the same size as the original> database. master..sysusages needs to make sure it’s the same> two databases.>> 2. Delete segment map 4 (log segment rows) with respect to the original database.> using the system.>>3. Take the log segment caused by the rows of the newly created database,> and allow them the original database. upgrade, for example:> sysusages set dbid to mean 28 where dbid=50 plus segmap=4> (software database was 28 and modern database isx 50).>> 4. Remove most of the remaining traces of the new repository> sysusages sysdatabases:>delete and call sysusages where dbid=50> Delete system databases where dbid is 50>> 5. Change the original database connection status to via restore> fashion:> sysdatabases update status set is -32768 where dbid=28>> 6. Refuse the server.>> 6. Log in again and run the restart_log(28, dbcc 1, 1) task.>> 8. Reset database state:> system database pair upgrade status 4 = where dbid is 28>> 9. Reset the web hosting server again.>> 10. Sign in again. At this stage, the clientele should be serviceable.>> Like I said, if I had two databases, this would happen. a> was more important than the other, because I tried it with others> first this base. It was thrown like an amulet. Then I tried to use it with> the most important link. This does not work.>> Some things I noticed in the log:>> — In step 6 above, your log read:> *** Recovery bypass associated with database ID 28>> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 21:39:56.34 Web Server 3403, Error: Severity: 22,> state: 2> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 21:39:56.34 hosting During recovery> Initialization, found page 7806725. This page belongs to toys> 0, not a log.> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 21:39:56.34 Failed to protect Internet Computer log> compatible with special data recovery 28. Please contact> Technical support for help.>> — When I ran dbcc restart_log in step 7, the following error appeared in the log:> Error when trying to remove old log extensions>> — In step 9 above, I saw:> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 22:05:11.61 The server is restoring the database> ‘artic_dev’.> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 22:05:11.62 Web Server Error: 692, Severity: 20,> Status: 1> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 22:05:11.62 Server logical page not initialized> “7806725” was read while retrieving object “8” from database “28”. You are welcome> Contact Sybase Technical Support.> 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08 22:05:11.63 Host Error: 3414, Severity: 21,> Status: 1> 22:05:11 00:00000:00001:2003/09/08.63 Internet computer database ‘artic_dev’ (dbid> 28): Treatment failed. Next, check the SQL server for an error log.> Information about the reasons.>> Do you see the difference between a well-recovereddababase and>Only the one that wasn’t there was the one I was able to recover, it probably was> fragment for its log segment, and the failed one should also have four.>> So I don’t know how one worked and the other never, and besides> point technical support does not help me anymore. I would be very grateful> any advice.>>Larry Kuhn> University of CaliforniaHello Larry,Is World-Wide-Web 7806725 a valid page number in this database?If so, I would go to the first step in the past and check if the page is in use.may have a valid cover page during this period. Then make sureThe sysusages improvements do indeed move this snippet along with the page it contains.It’s time for the original database. Make sure after step 4for one line in sysusages for classic database, it is lstartthe bar corresponds to the size of lstart + the most recent line (ordered by lstart).If 7806725 is not literally a valid page, the search page number can be obtained in full fromnot validMarché LTM truncations. “dbcc put on settrunc (ltm, ignore)” to replace it.If it’s not a game, see if that number appears in the columnsystem indexesfor identity=8 or in the firewood index column in sysdatabases.-bret

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