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Tips For Fixing SQL Enterprise Manager MMC Error

Here are a few simple ways that should help resolve the SQL Enterprise Manager MMC error issue.

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    MMC stands for Microsoft Management Console and can be opened with your mmc.exe. If the MMC is open, we can load the snap-in. If you don’t have “SQL Server Configuration Manager” in your start menu, you will be able to add the following shortcut.

    We successfully installed SQL Server on this server, but a week later when we run the SQL Server Configuration Manager we get the error “MMC failed to get the snap-in”. I did a google search where you can see this problem but nothing helped me. Here I will explain their solution to this error.

    Error: MMC Did Not Create Snap-in

    How do I fix SQL Server Configuration Manager Issue MMC could not create the snap-in?

    Win Control + R then type mmc and type attention.Select File->Add/Remove Snap-in.Click Add to Console Root.and search for “SQL Server Configuration Manager”

    There was a problem starting SQL Server Parameter Manager. Details of the error are listed below.

    MMC failed to create the main snap-in. The snap-in may not have been successfully installed for a while.
    Name: SQL Server Configuration Manager
    CLSID: F66AE3A2-97C7-4E45-9C70-4ECEA8B3BFA0

    This error occurs most of the time when some components are installed incorrectly on your computer, i.e. some of its binaries or possibly DLLs on the server have been removed or corrupted. When you run it, you see that the particular program it finds is not the binary or DLL that caused this error.


    • Repair your SQL Server installation.
    • By copying the missing or corrupted DLL/binary
    Correct the SQL Server installation

    sql enterprise manager mmc error

    First, a safe solution to this real problem is to repair your SQL Server installation. If you are experiencing this issue on a production server, youshould be carefully planned before starting repairs. Below are the points that your company should consider when performing repairs.

    1. Be sure to let everyone involved know as the activities will require downtime.
    2. Once you enter the downtime window, be sure to start it completely due to database backup.
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    6. Stop the SQL Server services.
    7. Make sure you have access to the SQL Server configuration on the web server to run the restore task. If clients don’t copy it from their custom repository.
    8. Now rename the data folder so you can use Data_old or whatever. We would probably rename it to protect the core database files. The data folder is where all your database data will be stored. If you provided log files and data for individual drives, be sure to rename all data folders.
    9. Continue recovery. Type appwiz.cpl in the Run command window. When the Add/Remove Programs window appears, click the programmmu SQL Server, then select Uninstall/Change. You will be below the range of the window to continue the repair task. Click “Restore” to continue. Make sure you have a full SQL Server setup for this restore task. If you don’t have a configuration webserver, copy it from the library to the server. Follow all the steps announced by the experts during the recovery window.

    After the restore is complete, rename the info folder created during the restore to Data_new and rename the new, older data_old folder we used in step 5 to data to hold all your databases for queued updates. If you’re having trouble connecting your databases to the network, be sure to connect them directly to bypass them.

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  • Now start SSMS and check your sources, all databases should be online and fine. Here the problem is solved, but you can enter the SQL Server Configuration Manager. You will surely see that I can successfully remove the SQL Server Manager configuration shown in the screenshot below.

    sql enterprise manager mmc error

    You will see that the page is/ok The error code literally has a CLSID code. The CLSID consists of a unique identifier that identifies an object of the COM class. We start the windows registry windows and look for this code there. I copy this code and its toothpaste into the windows registry search box.

    Once you press Enter, the search will safely stop at the folder that matches this code. You can solve it in the screenshot below. The path to this subcode CLSID folder is shown in the following image.

    Now click on the subfolders of this code. You have the option to see the required DLL in the respective sidebar along with the full list used for the program/CLSID above.

    How do I fix WMI provider error?

    The MOF data (sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof) for your SQL instance has always been in the %programfiles(x86)%Microsoft SQL ServernnnShared directory.Open an elevated command prompt and also change the directory to the location of the file from step 1.

    Now copy this DLL path from the Perfect sidebar and browse it on your server to find the specified DLL. We can see that this DLL is missing the image below on the server.

    When I click on SQL Server Configuration Manager it says could not create snap-in?

    MMC cannot find the snap-in. Perhaps the snap was installed incorrectly. This error usually occurs when some components are not properly installed on your devices or some of its binaries and even DLLs have been removed or are unsafe on the server.

    Now we will copy the DLL from another server, which may be running the same build version, or it may be from the SQL Server configuration, and paste it here at the above path. Close

    Now the existing SQL Server Configuration Manager and restart. Your problem will be solved when you run meconfiguration manager.

    If you still have the same problem, you should run Microsoft Console Help and check the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Go to Run, type mmc and press Enter to open Microsoft Console Management. This is where you need to start adding or removing snap-ins. You can view and add the Server SQL Configuration Manager snap-in to the MMC from the available snap-ins directly on the left sidebar. When you’re done, click the OK button to continue.

    Don’t forget to start the SQL Configuration Server Manager. This should work this time, if it still works don’t follow the first option to repair your SQL Server installation to fix it.

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