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How To Fix Sony DVCAM 20-018 Errors

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    In some cases, your computer may display an error code indicating the sony DVCAM 20-018 error. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    3-2.Error Codes

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    sony dvcam error 20-018

    This device will turn on as follows

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
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  • Thank you

    I was hoping again that it would be a little easier simply because I am most of this from the MN office and the camera department of our company is free. Flew out to Minnesota Tuesday night, brought in camera Wednesday to fly out to Orlando last night to shoot today.

    Yesterday, when we took it out of the box, it worked fine. Last night at his hotel it worked fine, today turn the DVD, it doesn’t eject properly, manand we women took it out and then put in a nice second disc that the compact camera doesn’t recognize and eject.

    Presumably the camera will be returned to help you contact our dealer in Minnesota.

    Thanks for your first aid. Due to the decent recoil, I would say that this is, of course, without a magazine attachment error.


    It seemed like I was hoping it would be something simple, just because I work in the MN office and the department in our company that uses the camera is huge. He flew to Minnesota on Tuesday morning and picked up the camera on Wednesday. landed in Orlando last night to take a picture today. When

    Yesterday I took it out of the box, it works very well. At his hotel last night it was working fine, threw the disc out today, it didn’t eject properly, but they took it out and then put in a second disc which the camera doesn’t recognize and shouldn’t eject.

    Let’s assume that Nasha’s shipping barrel will go to a dealer in Minnesote.

    Thanks for the help. Based on the issues, I’d say it’s definitely a charger fault.

    Error code C:32:11 is a common problem new with Sony security cameras that have an N220 subframe installed.
    Sometimes the error is fixed when I press the button reset, but technically and rationally it does not work. (encoder) and these contacts are bad, caused by dried grease. These two parts work in a group to determine the position of your sliding sash. Rotary encoder – at the bottom

    actually how to change error C:32:11 but definitely the code is not permanent.correct
    To repair, remove the old one and re-grease the gear on both gears and modify the gold plate sensor.

    Error code C:32:11a is most likely to come back on newer Sony camcorders, often with the N220 sub-chassis installed.
    Sometimes pressing the button eliminates resetting that particular error, but this is technically important and it is logical to assume that good results are not achieved.
    ReasonThis is due to poor contact between the mode gear assembly and the gold sensor plate (encoder), as well as lower than average contacts caused by the use of lubricant.
    These two parts work together to ensure that the position of the retractable platform encoder is rotary. Find < /p>

    below you will learn how to change the code C:32:11, errors but, unfortunately, this is not permanent.
    For the right solution, remove the old lubricant, spread it and again in fashion on a gear and a gold perfume plate.< /p>

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