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How To Fix Sms Error? The Requested Object Is Not Signed

If you have requested the “sms not signed” error on your PC, we hope this user guide will help you fix it.

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    The mental error (Requested device is not signed) indicates that most of the requested service (SMS) (probably not normally in the activated network available to the SIM card. The safest explanation for this error is that the SIM card is blocked by SMS -messages) for the operator.

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    sms error requested facility not subscribed

    An error thought (Requested device not signed) indicates that the requested service (probably SMS) is not activated when connected to the SIM card. The most likely explanation for this is an error that the SIM card is blocked by SMS messages from the mobile operator.

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    Sms Fel Begard Anlaggning Inte Prenumererad
    Erreur Sms Installation Demandee Non Abonnee
    Sms Fehler Angeforderte Einrichtung Nicht Abonniert
    Error De Sms Instalacion Solicitada No Suscrita
    Erro Sms Recurso Solicitado Nao Inscrito
    Sms Oshibka Zaproshennyj Obekt Ne Podpisan
    Sms 오류 요청 시설이 구독되지 않음
    Blad Sms Zadana Funkcja Nie Subskrybowana
    Errore Sms Richiesto Struttura Non Iscritta