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An Easy Way To Fix Configuration Errors

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    If you receive a settings error message on your computer, check out these troubleshooting tips.

    1. General
      1. Aircraft altimeters are subject to the following errors and factors, as appropriate:
        1. Instrument season errors.
        2. Positional errors of aircraft static stiffness systems.
        3. Non-standard atmospheric pressure.
        4. Exceptional temperatures.
      2. A typical altimeter setting of 29.92 inches of mercury (Hg) only at higher altitudes eliminates station reading errors, some altimeter errors, and errors caused by geographically different altimeter settings.
    2. Barometric altimeter errors
      1. High Pressure: Cold, dry air masses have the potential to create atmospheric pressures in excess of 31.00Hg. the aircraft will be higher than the altitude displayed on the barometric altimeter.
      2. Low barometric pressure: An abnormal low pressure condition occurs when a person’s barometric pressure is approximately 28.00 Hg. height. This situation can be exacerbated when operating in extremely cold weather.conditions, which may cause your aircraft’s actual altitude to be much lower than the displayed altitude.


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    3. Altimeter error
      1. Manufacturing and installation principles and the requirements of 14 CFR Part 43 Appendix E for Periodic Testing and Inspection help to reduce mechanical, deformation, temperature and installation errors. (See the Flight Manual for Instrument.) Scale errors can usually be observed when checking the altimeter using the following procedure:
        1. Set the specific airport altimeter setting currently displayed on the altimeter setting dial.
        2. Read the altitude on the altimeter. In all cases, the height must be a known field height, read if you are on the appropriate reference plane used to determine the fine setting of the altimeter.
        3. If the difference between the markedIf the hundredth of the field and the height read from the altimeter is plus or minus 75 feet or more, the accuracy of the altimeter may be questionable and the matter should be referred to a recovery station that has a proper estimate for evaluation and is possible. . correction.
      2. It is important to set the roll altimeter settings for the coverage area if you are flying at an altitude that does not require the standard altimeter setting of 29.92Hg. from an area of ​​extreme pressure to an area of ​​low pressure, the aircraft will approach the surface indicated by the main altimeter. One inch of mercury. One altimeter setting error is equivalent to 1000 feet. For example, set 29.90 Hg. Art. instead of 30.90 rt.
      3. The cruising or soaring altitude of the aircraft is maintained by the barometric altimeter. Altimeter adjustment procedures during high and low atmospheric pressure events should be corrected using the following procedures:
        1. Below 18,000 feet, only MSL is reported.
          1. Barometric pressure: 31.00 Hg or less.
            1. Adjust e altimeter to have the current reported altimeter setting due to a station on the route within 100 nautical miles of the aircraft, or;
            2. If there is no station in this range, use the currently known altimeter setting from the corresponding provided station or;


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              Air traffic controllers will publish this information at least once during a flight or in an equipment flight plan in the airspace they control:

            3. If the aircraft is not equipped with a radio, set this altimeter to the airport altitude, or use the altimeter fine-tuning available before departure.
          2. If this barometric pressure exceeds 31.00 Hg, a final Notam will be issued to declare the relevant geographic area. NOTAM will also present the institute to carry out the procedures:
            1. All aircraft: All aircraft will be at 31.00″ Hg for flights below 18,000 feet above sea level. Hold this option until you leave the affected area or until you reachpress the beginning of the final approach segment on any type of instrument approach. Adjust the preset altimeter setting 31 (above 0.00Hg) as you approach all segments, last if possible. If the current altimeter setting is definitely available, it is likely that at a setting above 31.00Hg.
            2. Set 31:00″ Hg on the new altimeter before reaching the lowest altitude associated with mandatory/clearance altitudes or 1500 feet above ground level (AGL) during an approach or aborted approach.


              Air traffic control will ensure efficient altimeter control and instruct pilots to reach 31.00 inchesHg. Art. on their altimeters due to flying below 18,000 feet above sea level in the affected areas.

            3. There are no additional restrictions for aircraft flying to a destination that are capable of setting and measuring altimeter settings above 31.00 Hg.
            4. Flights are limited by local VFR weather conditions to and from an airport where it is not possiblebut accurately determine the atmospheric pressure above 31.00 Hg.
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