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How To Fix The Servlet Daemon Easily

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    This guide is intended to help you when you receive a servlet daemon error.


    HttpServlet Class Daemon

    java.lang.Object javax.servlet.GenericServlet javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet com.oreilly.servlet.DaemonHttpServlet

    All implemented interfaces:, javax.servlet.Servlet, javax.servlet.ServletConfig
    Direct subclasses: known

    DaemonHttpServlet public abstract loop
    extends javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet

    Superclass for HTTP servlets that want to accept primitives detachable connections. DaemonHttpServlet started waits for client requests with its own init() method and stops the music in the destroy() method. Comes in between for each connection it receives, it invokes abstract all Method handleClient(client socket). This practice should you can implement a simple subclass of the DaemonHttpServlet servlet. The port to which the servlet should dial is determined by The getSocketPort() method.

    1.0, 09/98/18
    Jason Hunter, Copyright © 1998
    See See also:
    RemoteDaemonHttpServlet,Serial form

    Field Summary
    Size=”-1″>protected listening output by default (1313)

    A A


    . Terminate the connection while waiting for a socket connection.

    protected integer Abstract void


    Brief description of the method
    A············································ ···· The servlet is listening normally.
    handleClient( client)
    init(javax.servlet.ServletConfig configuration)
    Starts the socket connection setup thread.


    Methods inherited from javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet
    doDelete, doGet, doHead, doPost, doOptions, doPut, doTrace, getLastModified, Service, Service


    methods readabilitydatatable="1" inherited from the class javax.servlet.GenericServlet
    getInitParameter, getServletConfig, getInitParameterNames, getServletContext, getServletInfo, getServletName, init, log, log


    Genetic methods of java class.lang.Object
    clone equals finalize getClass hashCode notify notify all toString wait just wait wait



    protected name="DEFAULT_PORT"> int DEFAULT_PORT

    Free listening port (1313)


    public DaemonHttpServlet()


    empty public initialization (config javax.servlet.ServletConfig) javax.servlet.ServletException

    Starts a thread listening for outgoing connections. subclasses The idea method must be overridden the first time it is called. super.init(config).

    Set by:
    init in javax.servlet.Servlet
    init in class javax.servlet.GenericServlet
    config - actualSome servlet configuration.
    javax.servlet.ServletException - when a certain servlet exception occurs

    Get Socketport

    protected name = "getSocketPort()"> int getSocketPort()

    Returns the base port of the socket on which some servlets are listening. A servlet can change a port in three ways: using socketPort initialization parameter by setting DEFAULT_PORT changed before calling super.init() or by replacing this Implementation of the .Port method

    code to listen for

    Process Client

    modern public void handleClient( client)

    Manages the new connector. Subclasses, in turn, must define these methods.

    client - client socket



    public destruction()

    Contains the playback stream for socket connections. subclasses The idea of ​​overriding this method must be called first super.destroy().

    Specified by:
    destroy via interface javax.servlet.Servlet
    Replaced by:
    destroy in class javax.servlet.GenericServlet

    I maintain a servlet/JSP that renders input with entries. When the page has finished loading, I need to insert the values ​​into the database in order to load the entire page.

    How to update the last daemon process?

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