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How To Solve Sas Winlogon Windows Xp Error

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    It looks like some of our users have experienced sas winlogon error windows xp. This issue occurs due to several factors. Now we will discuss them. winlogon.exe is a legitimate process file known as the Windows NT Logon Application. It is associated with the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. By default, it is located in C:WindowsSystem32.

    sas Winlogon Error Windows Xp

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  • This is my preliminary contribution… I was sent by Rorschach112. I really hope that someone here can save my life, help disable my installation, and also use it to work from home.

    A few days ago my partner startedal getting a recurring error message: I thought it was related to malware…

    Each time I tried to fix the problem, I ran the combo fix requested by Rorschach112, which fixed the initial startup error (see launch image above)

    but hey now i get the full error message after my system loads my DIY settings at startup:
    “SAS Windows: winlogon.exe – software error”
    The statement “0x7c911f6c” is recommended in “0x8361b41b” Memory can be read in less than –

    How do I open Winlogon Exe?

    The winlogon.exe process is responsible for handling Ctrl+Alt+Del, so Neo will restore your session after you log out. You must restart someone’s computer to continue. Windows usually starts this process when the computer starts.

    Windows then loads and reverts back to the desktop image – no logos, no hourglass – just a cursor and restart after a few minutes – this cycle has ended 5 times already…

    I’ve tried the safe technique and last known good layout to no avail

    My specs:
    Intel [email protected]
    Tuniq cooling method
    EVGA nForce 680i Mobo
    Corsair 2GB DDR2 XMS2 Dominator
    2x POV 5 8800gtx < br>Wide Range – 4 Drive Pack — – 2TB in total
    Nec 5170 Dvdrw
    XFI Fatality Fps
    PC P+C 750 Silencer Quad
    24″ Dell 2407WFP< br>Creative System 7900 7.1
    CM Stacker
    SE : exp home

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  • sas winlogon error windows xp

    It looks fun. Alt=”:)”> :)

    I would like you to check and restore Windows according to the following thread.
    http://www.geekstogo…ws-XP-t138.Me html

    Let the results be known – anything that can be considered as important.


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  • How do I repair Winlogon Exe?

    Contact your system administrator to replace the DLL or restore the original DLL. There is a nice reset button. If you click on it, it will take some time to reboot the system.

    I forgot to mention one interesting point (I just forgot about this method as I never use Vista) – I have a dual boot machine… XP Vista/ – and I can dive into Vista OS and thus access raw data from other XP drives. I don’t know if anything will help…? !

    The Raid 5 table is divided as follows: C: Windows | D: Vista (dual boot) a | machine) Big Fourth Disk – contains a little work.

    Is the repair you suggest completely safe? I can save file types, but the new web design drive is about 200 GB. Itemprop=”replyToUrl”>#4


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  • I Am Very Ashamed To Admit That I Have Never Booted XP And Vista Twice.
    Can You Summarize My Opinion On How Customers Installed This Dual Boot?
    By Talking About My House, I Can Probably Quickly Determine Whether It Is Safe Or Not.


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  • Actually, I’m “ashamed” to admit that I’ve never dual-booted XP or Vista.
    Can you briefly explain to me how to dual-boot ours? ? is autorun set?
    In that case, by giving me an ending, I can figure out if it’s safe or not.


    I’m going to tell you how you deal with your embarrassment, Olric! – I didn’t do it myself! The guy who seems to have built the setup installed 2x OS boot!
    I’m pretty sure these are often independent OS’s and so any changes made to one won’t affect the others… .

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  • Now, just in case, I save a backup copy of important information to an external drive.

    The only reason I prevented dual booting was to let you know that I can find Windows XP files from my computer in Vista.

    Note. Unsupported RAID/SCSI/UDMA users:
    You should be prompted to “Press F6 to install third party SCSI or RAID drivers”. Most users do not need to press F6, but if you are using unsupported RAID, SCSI, and UDMA controllers, you may need to have the controller on a floppy disk. If you’re not at all sure if you have RAID/SCSI, just leave the CD tray full without pressing F6.

    I don’t have any other drivers for a RAID disk! – it’s getting more and more chaotic by the minute! Excuse me!!!

    Indeed, I’m very “embarrassed” to say that I’ve never had XP and Vista dual boot working.
    In a nutshell, can you explain to me how you installed ce 2 boot?
    Author sending me a summary, I can probably tell if it’s really safe or not.


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  • They may also try to perform lifestyle repair actions and will not offer you selected drivers.
    Very likely or not working. Once families get to the point where you have to choose which installation to fix, and usually no installation fails, almost everyone has driver issues.

    Restoration – it would make sense – to be safe, since it should only affect the C: partition.

    Just try to fix it and let me know. I’ll do whatever research we can’tFinish.


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  • You can check by performing additional recovery steps even if you haven’t selected any drivers.
    This may not work. Once you get to the name, where you have to select the specific installation you want to restore, but the installation is not published, we have a switch issue.

    The fix should be safe because everything should only be about c: section.

    Just try to recover and let me know personally. I’ll do whatever research we can’t complete.

    Enjoy a faster

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