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Fix Sai Exe Creation Process Crash With Error 2

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    It seems that some of our readers have encountered an error where the sai exe creation process failed with error 2. This problem can occur for many reasons. Let’s look at them now.




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    I’m really desperate because two days ago I said I did a good job, right? before the event? There was nothing wrong with it until I tried to open it now. a lot of what I see says “delete”, but unfortunately I also see that it doesn’t work for some people.

    The problem here is definitely that I have about 50 brushes , I’m going I can’t find it on the net for a long time, and when you delete sai, they almost always disappear, and I don’t intend to.

    Is there anything else? ??


    Even if I try to open it from its shortcut, or even just from a file in my folders, it doesn’t do anything. no errors, nothing.

    “Last edited: March 23, 2015 09:35:07 AM by Weeklykris”

    sai exe createprocess failed with error 2

    Will the user try to run start-sai.exe instead of sai.If exe randomly? Therefore, it is in the same folder as sai. did you run the .exe?
    Have you moved the Sai folder?
    Have you done a full virus scan recently?

    Some possibilities:
    Whoever?Did you by any chance try to get start-sai.exe instead of sai.If exe? for example, is it in the same directory as sai.exe?
    Have you moved all the Sai folders?
    Have you done a virus scan recently?

    I think it’s the start-sai.exe shortcut, but even when I navigated to the folder and clicked both, nothing happened.
    The folder in question has been in your downloads since I got it many months ago
    and I haven’t done a serious full scan… for a surprisingly long time

    Have you installed any new phrases recently? I’m interested in a corrupted config file, Sai, or looking for a file in the wrong location.
    But please do this virus research, there is at least one piece of malware that interferes with the execution of the file.

    Have you enabled data extensions? Did you click on sai.exe and not sai.ssd? Was there an extra space, period, or just an underscore? (sorry, basic stuff, but a rough overview of all the possibilities)

    Please try suggesting sai.exe rather than start-sai.exe – the app throws a different error Ku or does not give any error? Is there an error firewood file and are there other useful things in it? (although this is unlikely to work for the installer) Try renaming sai.exe to saib.exe – does it work perfectly?


    Have you installed new toothbrushes recently? I’m interested in a corrupted config file or Cy is looking for a file at the wrong address.
    But please run an infection scan, at least some malware interferes with the installation to run exe files.

    Did you include file extensions? Have you clicked on sai.exe and never clicked on sai.ssd? Was there no extra square, dot, underline? or (sorry, basic stuff, but I’m just checking everything you see is possible)

    sai exe createprocess failed with error 2

    Please try sai.exe, don’t run sai.exe – are there a few errors or no errors? Is there currently an error log file and does it really contain anything useful? (although this may work for my installer for now) Try renaming sai.exe to make sure you get saib.exe – this isworks

    i? I have never installed brushes, I usually take the basic pre-installed brushes and do what I have.
    I ran a scan and found nothing but programs on some computers that were having problems.
    I never know what file extensions are, my friends, and I apologize for that. The file name is considered a check, there is nothing wrong with that. I also considered errors with both extensions and did not come at all. idea just refuses to open alt=””

    AuthorSubject: Error Launching Sai.exe (build Process Via Fehler2) [not Deleting] (10749 Reads)

    I’m really desperate because your sai was working fine, wasn’t it a day or two ago? one day ago? now there was nothing wrong with that until I tried to open it like this. A lot of what is seen says “delete” but I also see it doesn’t work to find some people.

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  • The problem here is that if Claime has like 50 brushes that I can’t find on the web and Cy has to delete them, they’re all missingyut, and I do not support their installation.

    Even if I try to open an item using its shortcut, or even from a file in my folders, it doesn’t necessarily work. no error, nothing.

    “Last edited: March 23, 2015 9:35:07 AM by Weeklykris”

    Several possibilities:
    Are people accidentally trying to use start-sai.exe instead of sai.If exe? So it’s in the same directory as sai.exe?

    Enjoy a faster

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