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What Are The Reasons For Resetting Winsock Entries To Their Defaults, And How Do I Fix It?

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    If you have restored Winsock entries with default installation options error code on your computer, you should check these recovery methods. Start> All Programs> Accessories and ok, click Command Prompt, buy Run as Administrator to open Command Prompt. In the command prompt window that opens, enter the aggregate commands, and then press Enter: Reset WINSOCK Entries to restore the default settings: netsh winsock reset catalog.

    Are you having problems connecting to the Windows network using software such as transfer clients and web browsers? Sometimes, most of these problems are caused by a corrupted build network. The netsh winsock reset command resets important network settings to help you revert to default settings, and fixes these connectivity issues often!

    In this article, you will learn how to reset the Winsock List, a database of programs in which settings, misconfigurations, and spyware affect your network connection. Read on for some practical tips on how to teach yournetwork connection and what the cryptic term winsock is!


    This article will be a tutorial. If you want to proceed step by step, always use all supported Windows versions as well as local administrator rights.

    What Vinsok?

    What does resetting the winsock do?

    Resetting Winsock will override the settings that were actually made for the Winsock directory in Windows. Changes can be made using network software such as web browsers, email clients, or VPN programs. A reset resets our own wsock32 DLL to this default and gives this software a perfect fresh start when connecting to TCP / IP traffic.

    Based on the Berkeley UNIX Sockets interface, Winsock is an application-licensed user interface (API) that manages the interaction of various socialization protocols between applications, such as the web browser, and software devices. Below

    An excellent outline is included to show exactly where the Winsock wsock32.dll library resides on a user’s Windows networking stack.

    Besides serving as an API, Winsock stores its settings in another database known as the Winsock Search Engine Spider. In Windows 10, the directory stores both namespace providers that provide a Google map between Winsock and a type of service such as DNS, and underlying service providers that provide detailed protocol information, such as programs such as TCP / IP.

    Why You Might Need To “reset” Winsock

    How do you reset winsock entries?

    Reset Winsock for Windows Vista , type cmd in the Find box, right-click cmd.exe, select Run as administrator, and then click Next. At the command prompt, type netsh winsock total reset and press Enter. Note. If some commands are entered incorrectly, an error message may appear.

    YingWhen Winsock contains incorrect directory entries or is corrupted. Performing a winsock reset with netsh winsock-reset in a called Windows command locks the winsock directory and its associated registry settings. The corresponding registry settings are shown in the path below.

      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SYSTEM  CurrentControlSet  Services  WinSock2  Parameters  Protocol_Catalog9  
    • Malware, adware and spyware that Winsock uses to reconnect a user to the Internet.
    • The network device may have been incorrectly installed, most likely removed.
    • Problems with the registry or filesystem have infected the winsock directory.

    A real-world example of Winsock malware is HackTool.Win32.Proxifier, from Trend Micro Threat Encyclopedia. No problem, no malware will be downloaded!

    Prior to Windows Server 2012 and Windows Vista, as a Layered Service Provider (LSP) with a Winsock directory, we often left out misconfigurations and malware, as described in more detail later in this document. In newer versions of Windows, LSPs have been deprecated and functionality has been ported to the Windows Filtering Platform.

    reset winsock entries to installation defaults

    Winsock situations don’t happen as often as yeast problems, but they can! Learn how to rollback to repair improperly installed network devices, corrupted Winsock directories, and more.

    How To Reset Winsock Using Netsh Winsock Reset

    Your best bet is to reset Winsock using the netsh Windows command line tool. The netsh command displays and changes the current network configuration of this computer, and resets the Winsock directory.

    When doing Winsock edits, you must first reduce the before and after snapshot to reflect the changed settings shown in the following steps.

    1. Open a command prompt as administrator.

    2. Before actually dumping the Winsock directory, copy and hold the below command to restore the Winsock list results to C: winsock-before.txt.

    reset winsock entries to installation defaults

    The following requirement assumes you are in the C: directory. Otherwise, the file may be saved in the directory where your control tip is currently located. Winsock

      netsh show catalog> winsock-before.txt  

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  • An example of a saved winsocks directory is shown below. Yours will look like this to make sure you do this with lists of items on your networked devices.

    3. Then reset the Winsock directory by running the command.

      Reset Netsh winsock  

    After a full command reset, the Protocol_Catalog9 registry entry is undoubtedly saved in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services WinSock2 Parameters Protocol_Catalog_Before_Reset . These records are binary encoded, so they are much easier to read in plain text.

    4. Now take another snapshot of the Winsock directory to document the changes you just made.

      Show products or services netsh winsock> winsock-after.txt  

    Is it bad to reset winsock?

    Why you need to “reboot” Winsock Sometimes the Winsock directory is incorrect or damaged. Performing a winsock reset with netsh winsock reset to null on the Windows command prompt can be very good o reset the winsock directory and associated registry settings to their default values.

    Not all network problems can be resolved with the netsh winsock reset command, and those for which the netsh int ip reset command is sold are practice. ! Read on to find out when and where to go with this command; TCP / IP

    Reset Settings That Are Affected By Netsh Int Ip Reset

    The Winsock directory is not the only mainframe configuration you candoes not cause problems. As mentioned earlier, malware and bogus processes often existed as Winsock LSPs, which are no longer prevalent in newer Windows devices due to their outdated nature.

    There are additional network problems with TCP / IP configurations. If you have any of the following networking considerations, read on to find out exactly how to reset your TCP / IP settings.

    • DNS issues if DNS is properly optimized.
    • Problems with DHCP IP address assignment, ipconfig / renew may not be used correctly at work.
    • Limited or missing connection in this web browser or email client.

    From the same local administrator command prompt, complete all of the following to reset TCP / IP settings.

    1. Before resetting the IP settings, run the following command to view an absolute snapshot of the current IP settings. If the reset fails, it can be helpful to have a log of your previous network settings.
      ipconfig / all  

    What does winsock reset do Windows 10?

    If you’re having network problems on your Windows 10 laptop, you can use the Netsh Winsock Adjust command to reset the Winsock directory and reset your computer’s network card services to default settings. Winsock, Summary for Windows Socket, contains data that programs use to access contacts.

    2. Run the command from the command line toreset IP settings.

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