You are currently viewing SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing The Rain Sensor On The Windows Taskbar.

SOLVED: Suggestions For Fixing The Rain Sensor On The Windows Taskbar.

Sometimes your system may display a message about replacing the rain sensor on the Windows taskbar. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    replacing windows taskbar rainmeter

    I only created the dock object because I had it years ago, but I thought it had the ability to display pan icons. So I created a small Dock, removed all program icons, and configured it to display 16×16 socket icons.

    I then place this dock on a specific bottom-leafth corner and set it to automatic, hiding a slight delay for the display.

    So I just go to the bottom abandoned page to get my status bar icons. Otherwise, I did not find the optimal solution.

    My main version of apps that uses whiteboard icons for additional features. This way they are invisible to me, but I can get them when I need them.

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    Replace Taskbar?

    Can Rainmeter replace taskbar?

    A Rainmeter skin that replaces the taskbar. The least required version of Rainmeter is the 4.4 Beta Release – r3382.

    Before explaining my problem, I really want to apologize if this topic ends up being posted in the wrong forum/sub-forum and has also been thought of before. I’m new to this forum and Rainmeter in general.

    I’ve just started editing my desktop with Rainmeter at this time – since I’ve seen so many great screenshots online, I’d like to get rid of my taskbar (since I don’t really support standard W7). I currently have offer auto-hide turned on, but even though it’s currently hidden, a few pixels of the taskbar are showing, which annoys me.

    My question is, is there a promising way to replace the taskbar? By that I mean creating your own with similar functionality. Currently I only have this:

    What I’m looking for is to find the ability to have the same useful features that the taskbar offers (showing applications for customization), etc. I don’t know how, it could be plugins, multiple themes, docks, etc. You

    Thanks for the reply, no, and my apologies if this all seems confusing, I lost my idea between different types of thoughts.


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    Re: Replace Someone’s Taskbar?

    Unfortunately, no. There is no easy way to get something that has 1/10 of the Windows taskbar functionality in Rainmeter.

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  • QwopJoans

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    Re: Taskbar?

    To TotalControl had quite a few tools! Suite which can help emulate your site’s taskbar behavior. The task list keeps windows open and allows you to close, minimize, or maximize them with a right-click. Open the plastic tray next to the mouse. With the Win7Audio plugin and the assigned custom skin menu, you can play the audio quality icon. The watch comes with the Measure=Time function, of course, and you can use nircmd or any other utility that opens the boot menu. File my Explorer Pores,, use this tasklist, trypopup and nircmd to mimic the main menu taskbar type behavior.


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    Re: Replace Taskbar?

    I stand by my original statement. While you can hide the Windows taskbar, put something on it that looks exactly the same as it does, use multiple sidesthem utilities to get a whole new minimum of functionality, but the information is such that you don’t even remotely know what the Windows Taskbar does? .

    No dedicated active icons, direct access to the start menu context, no drag-and-drop swapping usually associated with minimized apps, no tedious real-time app thumbnails on the taskbar, no shortcut lists, the list is there.

    For each, its meaning means everything… I knew very well that someone would say: “Of course, take a moment to use these five additional utilities and you can duplicate the Windows taskbar.” No, you can not. This can be useful for how you use Windows and so on. I just get up because of my “No, you can’t…”


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    Re: Replace Taskbar?

    Sure, I agree with you that nothing short of overriding the shell will allow the user to properly change the behavior of the taskbar, but if you want to emulate certainIf so, there are definitely ways to do this. Instead of Rainmeter, I would just suggest using third party themes like Placebo, to give windows and then taskbar a different look. Feel how the functionality is preserved. .

    falcon wing
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    Signed: May 27, 2017 10:49 AM

    Re: Replace This Taskbar?

    How do I remove the taskbar from Rainmeter?

    Re: How to remove windows taskbar You can usually hide the taskbar automatically by right-clicking on the taskbar, selecting Properties, checking the Auto-hide the taskbar box, and clicking Accept.

    Hello, this is probably going to be an old thread. But also be surprised. In general, it can replace the taskbar.

    But I want to know if RocketDock can restore the taskbar?
    I just need the “Suggest active windows, show active monitors” feature.

    @jsmorely Since it’s 2017, maybe there’s a chance we can replace all those ugly taskbars? or still not at all?

    How do I change my taskbar skin?

    To change the overall color and transparency of the new taskbar, open the Settings menu and choose Personalization > Colors. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and make sure that “Disable color in the Start Menu, Taskbar, Action Center, and Headers” is checked. Select the color palette you want to use and your trusted taskbar will change to reflect your primary choice.



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    April 19, 2009 11:02 PM

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    Re: Maybe Replace The Taskbar?

    replacing windows taskbar rainmeter

    falconwingz wrote:Hi, this might be a history thread. But I’m also interested. Is it possible to replacethread taskbar.

    I have read each of our answers above. I understand.

    Enjoy a faster

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