You are currently viewing Fixed: How To Restore USBstor System Again.

Fixed: How To Restore USBstor System Again.

If you’ve reinstalled usbstor sys on your system, we hope these instructions will help you.

“Usbstor.sys” is a Microsoft signed driver track, USB Mass Storage Port Driver, which can be found in “C: Windows System32 drivers”. Thus, Microsoft provides built-in support for USB storage devices whose device IDs are explicit or compatible IDs for partners, and “USBStor.inf” is the Windows installation file.






< td> USB Mass Storage Class Driver




File Information Description
Size file: 105 KB
File modification date / time: 2017: 03: 18 18: 18: 23 + 00: 00
File inode modification date / time: 2017: 11: 05 07: 07: 54 + 00: 00
File type: Win32 EXE
MIME Type: Application / Byte Stream
Warning: Potentially Corrupted version resource
Computer type: Intel 386 or higher compatible
Timestamp: 2031: 01: 09 03: 03: 07 + 00: 00
PE type: PE32
Link publisher version number: 14.10
Code size: 87040
Size of initialized data: 11264
Size of uninitialized data: 0

Operating system version: 10.0 < / td>

version 10:
Subsystem version: 10.0
Subsystem: Own
Number File number: 10.0. 15063.0
Product number: 10.0. 15063.0
File flag mask: 0x003f
File flags: (none)
File Operating System: Windows NT 32-bit
Object File Type: Dynamic Link Library
File Subtype: 0 < / td>

Language code: English (US)
Character set: Unicode
Company name: Microsoft Corporation
file description


10.0.15063.0 (WinBuild .160101.0800)
Internal name: USB memory.
Legal copyright © Microsoft Corporation n. All rights reserved.

usbstor filename:
Product < td> Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product Version: 10.0.15063.0

✠” Parts of the data file as Herinstalleer Usbstor Sys
Installera Om Usbstor Sys
Reinstalar O Usbstor Sys
Reinstaller Usbstor Sys
Pereustanovite Usbstor Sys
Usbstor Sys Neu Installieren
Ponownie Zainstaluj Usbstor Sys
Usbstor 시스템 재설치
Reinstallare Usbstor Sys
Reinstalar Usbstor Sys