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Tips For Fixing Razr Unauthorized Bootloader Errors

It’s worth reading these solution ideas when you encounter unauthorized razr bootloader error on your computer.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    You frequently connect your Motorola Razor to your charger using the miniUSB connector. Instead of charging, your phone displays a marketing message on the “Charger prohibited” screen.

  • Using a different Motorola 12V AC/DC power adapter
  • What about mobile phone, PC, mobile phone transmission cable
  • Many connectors used mini-USB, one of the standard USB connector types.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Motorola directly protects your USB devices fromPower surges that your mobile phones are likely to cause while charging off USB ports.The USB ports are rated to draw up to 500mA of current and may damage your, you if you exceed the value. Therefore, in order to prevent the possibilityFor my solution to this problem, Motorola has a built-in protection circuit.The power adapter it was connected to most recently, since there are many USB types.Power cable available. Pin assignment wiring and in new splendorThe power cables look like this:

    The RAZR V3 will not charge simply by supplying 5V via USB (thisIt is possible to implement a common USB cable for charging if you find that you are using Motorola.special driver for PC).Motorola uses a pin between pins 3 and 4 (pin X) so you can tell which device it is.connected to a specific mini USB port. Short the #3 pin to make sure you are calling #2 and directly switches to hands-free/car kit mode and LCD backlightOverride timeout settings for optional Stay On.PinShorting X to green 2 and pin 4 to = r 200 kOhm leads to that, the phoneSwitch it directly to charging

    FoodName Destination +5 Description1 VDC -?- PC USB pin 1 (+5 VDC).2 USB probes -?- on shorted la x pin in 12V cable.3 Data USB No connectedX -?- -?- Contact closed to pair + contact closed to 4 through R=200kΩ in load cable.(R=165kΩ?)4 GND USB PC -?- Pin (GND) 4. Connected to pin X R approx. 200 = kΩ, load onlyCable. From (r=165kOhm?)

    Note Standard Motorola USB charger insidea~1 supplies 4V DCeye on pin a of the mini connector.USB. A 200 kΩ la resistor between pin 2 and extra 4 gives ~1.9 per vdc exact xPin This to run Motorola Q Works (~1.2V to ~1.9V DC),but not only Razr for V3m. I had something that could throw a 165k resistor on it. this Product~1.5 VDC and allows the charger to enter authorized mode.

    With this top-notch security, you encourage USB device charging, you see, a second phoneconnected an operational amplifier (transmitter) as muchfaster charging current because consumers demand so much from each battery to chargefast. Your USB ports require a lot of power to charge quicklynot intended for delivery.

    Obviously, this is usually a good high current pulse charger provided by Motorola.So for you, this is not a tiny and heavy old 2A transformer, but is considered normal.charge the device and then use the phone.

    razr unauthorized charger error

    There are many types of USB connectors, each of which represents an obvious breakthrough in the development of this technology, as well asthere are certain types of gamers for whom the connector is best suited.


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  • Motorola RAZR, RIZR, Z8 Mini USB charger pinout
  • Help With V3c Then Car Charger

    Hello everyone, I have a huge Veriazon V3c Razr with a domestic charger that I bought on ebay. When connected, it shows an unauthorized charger and the program does not charge the device? Ideas? original insert

  • posted by crwmlw

    Hello everyone! I have a Veriazon V3c Razr with a 12V car charger that I only bought on eBay. When I plug it in it says the charger is not authorized and is charging? not Ideas? Chuck

    I have a car charger that I bought directly from Motorola for the V3c and it works like a charm – I have no idea why you are posting this unless you need to have some help. Some hand-branded counterfeit device.

  • Originally written by crwmlw

    Hello family, I have a Veriazon Razr V3c with a car charger that I only found on ebay. When I plug in this item it says the charger is not authorized and after that doesn’t it charge? ideas? Chuck

    Every Blackberry/V3 charger manufactured by Wal-Mart Belkin comes with the same one: a non-authorized charger. I just had similar cases with another phone and kept selling them at Wal-Mart, Unique didn’t work yet. Always
    razr unauthorized charger error

    but looking for a clear reason.

  • Never Mind

    Dude, I already left a positive review for men, for because I answered everything that worked, now he cannot return the letters. Damn. Looks like I’d be better off getting OEM through Verizon and dropping a pair for cash.

  • This

    I would suspect that the charger is faulty?

  • In the past, each of my mini USB devices used the same chargers, but that seems to have changed. I can only use Motorola chargers on my v3c Razr, but I can use all Moto chargers on my Blackberry, maybe not even the other way around in the market. I also have chargers bundled with e-bay some from aftermarket vendors and none of them work with the new moto v3c theme.

    I hope it’s some kind of “locked” charging scheme, just like the new Blackberry 7130 doesn’t use the old BB 7100 battery and the old ones use new batteries. BB has locked down the entire battery circuit to ensure that no quality aftermarket products are used that could also damage the device.

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