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FIX: Python Xgettext Not Found

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    I tried to read the Python documentation to learn how to implement the i18n mechanisms when refactoring Python. While I generally like the docs, the Python section here didn’t strike me as intuitive, and I looked for another way. After viewing them:

    I was able to use the source code I included. First there was internet domain but errors, after adding .missouri files it doesn’t work anymore and even shows error.

    python xgettext not found

    from gettext translation importfrom gettext meaningful gettext as _lang1 is the translation ('poker', '/home/myUser/myProjects/pokerProject/resources/localedir', languages=['en'])lang2 = translation('poker', '/home/myUser/myProjects/pokerProject/resources/localedir', languages=['es'])language2.install()# Write your own with in-stringsprint(_('This needs to be translated'))
    "Created by: 1.5n""Generator X: Poedit 2.0.1n""Plurals: nplurals=2; plural=(n!equals major 1);n" "This needs to be translated"msgid "Translated text"
    .├─”Martinz│ ├──…✅Model- A set of dice. piin”,│ __init__ ⓜⓀâ€.pyâ « · · · · · ÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thisest. our ————————— —- my ––” – “€” – resources â””–”€–”€ localedir ├─”€ out LC_MESSAGES ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚ ‚— ‚ †└€”€ poker.po –””–”€–”€ what ❖ LC_MESSAGES ✓— â””€”€ poker.po

    The gettext module provides internationalization (I18N) and localization.(L10N) for your wonderful Python modules and applications. It encourages bothGNU Gettext Message Catalog API and a high-level class-based API that canbe more suitable for Python files. The interface described below allowsYour module always writeno application messages, and in natural vocabularyProvide a catalog of promotions converted to work under NaturalDifferent languages.

    Some knowledge of localizing the tools of your Python module is also provided.

    GNU Gettext API¶

    The gettext module defines the following, which is very similar to what the APIGNU gettext API. If you work with this API, you will create problems forTranslation of your entire application worldwide. This is often what you wantYour application is monolingual, the choice of language depends on itThe language of your user. If someone finds a Python module other than yoursthe app needs to change the foreign language on the fly, you probably really want to use itinstead, a class-based API.

    gettext.bindtextdomain(domain, localedir=None)¶

    Associate the domain with the localedir space directory. specific,gettext should look like a binary for .mo files using ours for the specified domain.method (on Unix): localedir/language/LC_MESSAGES/ whereLanguage is searched only in environment variables LANGUAGE,LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, then each LANG.

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  • If you ignore localedir None or the current fund for the domainincome. 1

    gettext.bind_textdomain_codeset(domain, codeset=None)¶

    Associate a domain with a set of codes and change the encoding of all bytes to stringsreturned this lgettext(), ldgettext(), lgettext()and the ldngettext() functions.If the code set is also omitted, the bind mode is returned.

    Deprecated since version 3.8, moved to version 3.10.


    Edit or change the current global domain. If the domain is None, thenthe current domain is always returned, otherwise the foreign domain is set toThe domain is literally returned.


    Return the localized translation associated with the message, based on the current names, globallyDomain and locale directory. This function is usually called an alias_() when referring to the local namespace (see note below).

    gettext.dgettext(domain) , message)¶

    Similar to gettext(), find a specific message in the desired field.

    gettext.ngettext(singular, plural, n.)¶

    Same as gettext(), but pluralizes. If a translation is found,apply the plural formula to n and return the resulting principle (someLanguages ​​have more than a few form pairs). If translation no. found, backsingular when n is 1; otherwise returns double.plural

    The formula is taken from the title of the catalog. Is it C or PythonExpression with free main variable n; Expression looks at the index fingerdes in a dual directory. To seeGNU gettext documentationFor your exact syntax, .po andFormulas for obtaining different languages.

    python xgettext not found

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    파이썬 Xgettext를 찾을 수 없습니다
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