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How Can I Fix Error Errno 10054 Urlopen Python?

In this article, we are going to find out some of the possible causes that can cause the Python Urlopen error errno 10054 error, and then we will provide possible fixes that you can use to try to resolve the issue.

Runtime error 10054 occurs when the IMVU hangs or hangs during execution, hence the name. This does not necessarily mean that the code was damaged in any way, it just did not work against each other while it was working. This type of error will show up as an annoying notification on your personal screen unless it is resolved and fixed.

continues the url in my browser and in many cases I can also access it from Go

  import urllib2page = urllib2.urlopen ('') 
  Traceback (better called last): File "", line 3, in     page = urllib2.urlopen ('')  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib" line 154 in urlopen    opener return.Data, open (url, timeout)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib", line 429, link to open   The answer is self._open (req, data)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib", queue 447, in _open   '_open', required)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib", clause 407, in _call_chain    Function advantage (* arguments) = File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib" line 1241, https_open in context = self._context)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib ", collection 1201, do_open    t = h.getresponse (buffering = True)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib", line 1121, in Getresponse    reply.start ()  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib", zone 438, at the beginning.    Version, status, reason = self._read_status ()  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib" line 394 regarding _read_status    Line self = .fp.readline (_MAXLINE + 1)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib" 480 series in Readline    info = self._sock.recv (self._rbufsize)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib" line 772 in recv    return (buflen)  File "C:  ProgramData  Anaconda2  lib", 659, read line    v = (len)socket.error: [Errno 10054] An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host 
  main packageImport (    "fmt"    "net / http")function main () _, error: = http.Get ("")    if a mistake! = nothing        fmt.Printf ("% s", error)       restore        fmt.Printf ("Success") 

python urlopen error errno 10054

i to successfully load tagged images using the Custom Vision API and Python. I have set the limit to 256 images. 60-90 after the photos, however, an error like this may appear:
[Errno 10054] Typical connection was forcibly closedabout remote host

python urlopen error errno 10054

This is our code. I deleted the project ID and training several times because I believe it is company information.

I quickly added conn.close to data = (). decode (encoding) . Treatment is sometimes a particular problem.

I did a big google search for urlretrieve () , also 10054] [errno An existing connection was artificially closed by the remote host . There is a solution that manages the proxy for urllib.request. It basically works. With the purchase of [Errno 10054], the uploaded images are actually about 100 images, which improves contrast compared to a proxy server without it. I am doing this in spite of knowing why. After adding the proxy I get another type of computation error urlopen error [WinError 10060] The connection is considered unsuccessful because the connected side should not have responded correctly after a certain amount of time, or the established connection was ignored due to the failure of the connected host, which may be responding


def generateToken ():

Print “Generate Token”
tokenURL is “”
data = ‘username’: PortalUtil.getAGOLUserName (),
‘password’: PortalUtil.getAGOLPassword (),
‘referer’: “”, < br> ‘json’
encodedData = urllib.urlencode (data)
tokenRequest matches urllib2.Request (tokenURL,
encodedData ) tokenResponse = urllib2.urlopen (tokenRequest)
tokenResponseJSON is json <. ... (tokenResponse) / p>

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