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Tips To Troubleshoot Prunsrv.c Error Loading Config Error

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    In this article, we will identify some possible causes that can cause the boot configuration to fail due to the prunsrv.c error, and then I will provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

    I just downloaded a new final copy of Tomcat6 for selection on the development server. Win2k3 and SP2 Java6 runs on a web server.

    D: > d: tomcat bin tomcat6.exe // TS / Tomcat6[2009-07-14 15:26:38] [427 prunsrv.c] [Error] Operation completed successfully.[2009-07-14 15:26:38] [1336 prunsrv.c] [Error] Error loading configuration

    Looks like Tomcat has some configuration details, but I don’t know where to start looking. It’s great that Tomcat has this real flaw right out of the box. Is there a compatibility issue between Java6 and Tomcat6? Why can a traditional installation fail?

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  • I experienced this myself used this post about an error while starting my Tomcat server.

    [2009-01-16 11:22:19] [1343 prunsrv.c] [debug] Procrun firewood 11:22:19] initialized[2009-01-16 [info] Procrun ( launched[2009-01-16 11:22:19] Starting service [info] …[2009-01-16 11:22:19] [1166 prunsrv.c] [debug] Inside ServiceMain …[2009-01-16 11:22:19] [info] Starting the service …… [error] The specified device could not be found.[2009-01-16 11:22:19] [994 prunsrv.c] [Error] Errors ka in JavaC: Program Files Java jre1.6.0_07 bin client jvm.dll[2009-01-16 11:22:19] [1269 prunsrv. [Error] c] ServiceStart has 1. income[2009-01-16 11:22:19] [info] Start the stopped service.[2009-01-16 11:22:19] [info] Procrun completed.[2009-01-16 11:24:41] [1343 prunsrv.c] [debug] Procrun diary 11:24:41] initialized[2009-01-16 [info] Procrun ( 11:24:41] launched[2009-01-16 [info] Debug service …[2009-01-16 11:24:41] [1166 prunsrv.c] [debug] Inside ServiceMain …[2009-01-16 11:24:41] Service [info] is starting …… [174 javajni.c] [error] The specified module could not be grounded.

    After a Google search, this is usually due to the missing msvcr71.dll file. Tomcat uses msvcr71.dll not directly, but from Java Machine Practical (JVM).



    1. Copy msvcr71.dll from the java bin directory to the Tomcat bin directory.
    2. Adding the java bin directory is important for the Windows environment variable.
    3. Copy the msvcr71.dll file generated from the java bin directory specified in the windows system32 folder.
    4. Make sure your Tomcat points to the large jvm .dll folder.

    prunsrv.c error load configuration failed

    Solution 4 works for me, my hangover leads to files Java jre1 c: program.6.0_07 bin client jvm.dll, but each of our Java runtime environments lies in C: Program Files Java jre bin client jvm.dll..what folder is Funny.

    Updated here on September 19, 2009
    there was a similar bug, it was recently fixed

     ... [174 javajni.c] [error]% 1 is usually not a valid Win32 application.... [994 prunsrv.c] [error] Error while creating gourmet coffeeC:  Program Files  Java  jre6  bin  server  jvm.dll... [1269 prunsrv.c] ServiceStart [error] has 1. income 

    It looks like the server jvm.dll is no longer a working property, you just need to change it for the client jvm.dll to work.

    prunsrv.c error load configuration failed


     C:  Program Files  Java  jre6  bin  server  jvm.dll 


     C:  Program Files  Java  jre6  bin  client  jvm.dll 



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