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How To Fix Windows Pool Header Error Issues

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    In this guide, we describe some of the potential causes that can cause problems with incorrect Windows pool header, and then describe possible solutions to this problem. The BAD_POOL_HEADER error can appear on Windows if there is a problem with the physical memory on your computer. Will or RAM issues such as the inability to process tasks using disk or RAM can cause this method to fail.

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    Bad Pool Header is a blue screen associated with a common fatal error that can appear on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

    Poor quality pool header errors can be caused by a variety of reasons, including physical security issues of digital data, corruption Potential Windows registry entries, Trojans and malware, incompatible or application software. Pool

    Invalid header error codes are often temporary, and a simple reboot will fix the whole problem. However, sometimes the error can be more permanent, which can become a serious headache for the administrator’s computer.

    If restarting your computer does not resolve this error, you will need to diagnose and fix the problem yourself.

    What causes bad pool caller error?

    There are many possible causes for a Bad Pool Caller error such as: system crash, corruption of pool names, driver problems, memory corruption, malware / virus infection, file corruption, invalid entries in the computer’s registry, and more.

    In these notes, we present several devices that can be used to fix a bug with bad h2 tags in the pool.

    What Does An Invalid Pool Header Mean?

    How do I fix a bad pool header error?

    Disconnect external drives and devices.Check SMART Drive data.Scan the disk for bad sectors.Test your RAM.Check and update device drivers.Check the integrity of the system file.System Restore.Replace hardware.

    The Bad Pool error heading refers to a storage pool on your computer. If your site encounters a common error, your computer usually tries to allocate enough memory for each application to run properly, usually due to memory pool corruption.

    Common Reasons That Can Cause Invalid Pool Header BSOD Error

    Although there are many additionalrank, here are the most common reasons that lead to an invalid pool header error:

    • Corrupted Windows console files.
    • Corrupted or incompatible device drivers.
    • Poor RAM or HDD / SSD.
    • Corrupt Windows registry entries.
    • Viruses and malware.
    • Antivirus and antivirus programs.

    To help your business understand the root cause faster, you can download WhoCrashed or BlueScreenView during installation on Windows PC to analyze and find the root cause completely.

    What is a bad pool header Windows 7?

    One of the problems with the pool header is a Windows memory allocation issue. Device driver problems are probably the most common, but there can be a variety of causes, including bad sectors or hard disk write problems, and problems with some routers. (In theory, RAM problems could be related to memory combination problems).

    Both free utilities that you can use to find and locate MINIDUMP files and show you a synopsis. Based on the report, you can find out very well where the blue error is coming from and which system driver or Windows driver is causing it.

    If we cannot access your laptop normally, I recommend that you start Windows in Safe Mode and follow the steps. Do you know how to do it? Here are a few methods that customers are interested in Those in Windows 10 Safe Mode may not find it.

    Methods To Fix BSOD Error With Incorrect Pool Header On Windows 10

    Note. These types are not only used to prepare for similar BSOD errors that occur in Windows 10, but can also be used to fix a Windows 7 malfunction in combination with a Windows 8, 8.1 PC. Therefore, if you encounter a Bad Pool Header error on your computer that is not worth Windows 10, feel free to use these methods to fix it.

    Tip. Before using any of the methods listed below, be sure to restart someone else’s computer so that it can be fully recovered. Sometimes, if the problem is not serious, such as an interrupted memory configuration, Windows will automatically pop up the status and recover.

    1. Disable Windows Indexing Service To Fix Pool Header BSOD Error

    According to several reports from Microsoft community users, this type of BSOD has been appearing on their computer longer after disabling Windows Indexing Service. Disable

    Indexed in any serviceFor Windows, magazine, or TV, type Windows + R : services.msc, then press Enter .

    Tip. You can also easily access Windows services by going to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

    In Windows Services, search for Windows to find a list of all Windows services, then right-click it and select Properties.

    In the next step, select the Disabled option from the Startup Type drop-down list, and then just click OK.

    Restart your own Windows computer to check if most of the pool of bad headers is BSOD history or persists. If everything is the same there, use the following methods.

    2. Disable Fast Startup In Windows 10

    probleme windows bad pool header

    By default, Almost Load should be enabled and cause this type of BSOD in multiple slots.

    To remove gadgets from the Quick Launch option, press Windows + X , then choose Power Options from the pop-up menu of the corresponding menu.

    probleme windows bad pool header

    In the “Power the Options” window, select the specific “Select which power changes” option to the left 2nd side panel.

    For the next step, be sure to click on the Change Currently Unavailable Settings method. Then uncheck the box next to “Enable Quality Startup (Recommended)”, click the “Save Changes” button, then restart your wonderful computer to see if the distribution continues.

    Can’t find the Turn on Fast Startup (Recommended) option? Read this article to learn more about Fast Startup and how to view this option.

    3. Disconnect All Connected External Devices Except Keyboard And Mouse

    If you plug in a new external device and it is subsequently not fully compatible with your new Windows computer, sometimes you might get a pool header error BSOD error.

    To test, disconnect for a short time all external devices connected to your computer, except for the keyboard and mice. Then reboot your hard drive to see if the crash persists.

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  • If this BSOD is gone, one of many external devices is the cause. To identify specifically device, reconnect it one by one until you find it.

    4. Undo Recent Changes On Your Windows Computer

    If you recently completely reinstalled the program on Windows PC and the pool header is incorrect, uninstall it. This program can conflict with other applications installed on the computer and lead to this type for BSOD.

    To uninstall apps in Windows 10, go to Settings -> System -> Apps & Features. For

    Find the feature you recently installed, then select it and click the Uninstall button.

    Tip. In some cases, this type of BSOD can be caused by third-party Trojans. This way, you can temporarily disable the third-party antivirus and restart your computer if you can determine that the problem persists. If this process resolved the problem, the public should consider removing this antivirus software from your computer and looking for a replacement.

    5. Scanning And Repairing Damaged System Window Files

    Corrupted Wind Process Fileows can also result in this BSOD with an invalid pool header. The make SFC command allows you to find corrupted files on your computer and automatically repair them.

    First, install Squash Windows + X , then press A and just select Yes in the command line application with the Boss account. to start.

    In a Command Prompt window, run the following command to scan the entire Windows system and automatically recover files if corruption is found.

    SFC / scannow

    This process may take some time. Please do not restart your computer while the digest is running.

    6. Update Or Reinstall Windows Recommended Drivers

    As above, you can use the BlueScreenView tool or WhoCrashed to summarize the reason for the invalid pool header error. If the reason for this is a driver associated with Windows drivers, the method will show you the driver name in the form xxx.sys.

    You can probably easily find which computers it belongs to by pasting it into This is a special directory thattells the person the name of the device based on the .sys file.

    Now that you know the driver caused by the Bad Pool Header BSOD error, uninstall it, then download the latest from the manufacturer’s web portal and install it on your precious Windows PC.

    If you are using Windows 10, users just need to uninstall the airport taxi driver, restart the computer, and then add Internet. Your Windows operating system will automatically find the missing, download and select the updated drivers.

    7. Restore Your Windows Computer To A Previous Working Point

    If you have tried all of the above methods and the BSOD Bad Pool header error persists, use Windows System Restore Viewer to return your computer to the previously selected operating point.

    What is a bad pool header?

    A bad pool header indicates that there is a memory allocation problem on your computer. So Bad Pool Header is aboutan error that occurs when the memory pool headers are corrupted because a process has not been properly removed from the memory pool. Many things can lead to memory allocation in Windows.

    Technically, this is a very lightweight backup system that takes care of backing up system files and offers items to allow users to return their computer to a different location if something goes wrong.

    Learn more about Windows System Restore and how toTo implement it, check out this article if the person does not have a backup whenever you want to restart your Windows computer while waiting for the Poor Pool error message. The headline is good.


    Hope this article helps anyone to fix BSOD Bad Pool Header error on your Windows 10 PC as well as other versions of Windows including Windows 7 as well as Windows 8, 8.1.

    Enjoy a faster

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