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I Have A Printhead Failure Problem On A Dell V515w

Over the past few weeks, a number of users have reported that their Dell v515w is experiencing printhead errors.

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    The print head is the main printer component that contains the ink cartridges. It is usually located under the cover of your printer and can become clogged with ink over time. If this is not corrected, your printer will most likely fail and require a complete replacement.

    Hello…. I’ve been with Dell for ten years… NewThere are lots of desktop computers, recently laptops, computers, a lot of printers… you really got me VERY well.

    I have my new Dell Since v-515w about 1-2 years old, Dell after adjusting the print head is almost brand new. Enough until, you see, the other day… the printed image of a color, one stuck, 1/2 color smeared all over… after the “lines…” start consequently, and, all become black and generate “light “.

    Change cleaned cartridges, head, options/fixes/install, do updated firmware, again and again. Both colors print well, except for the lines that move continuously to print glossy on the sides. I did EVERYTHING, deep cleaning, toner, shook new cartridges, soaked in alcohol … nothing changes?

    I’ve NEVER enjoyed visiting many of these forums, they’re very handy… But I’ve apparently found that almost everyone has similar problems in one way or another… with these Dell printers, wow! Think you’re on your own and find out that everyone else has had the same and/or similar problems!

    Why is my printer head not working?

    HP printheads clog when small particles of ink or dust regularly dry on the top layer and collect in the nozzle. Faded or streaked printouts are all common signs of clogging, but simple cleaning can usually get your HP ink cartridges to work faster rather than longer. Printheads clog due to infrequent use of ink cartridges.

    As with most things, the printer itself is out of warranty, so you don’t have to call. So I checked dell’s self-help forums first. I have brand new V505s in basic boxes… but like I said were they almost happy to have a 515 when they worked? they are. I ran one yesterday for this, it works terribly well. But people who want to start another one use/waste a new new car, the first one (v515) “Looks SO nice, like new on the outside!!

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  • Well, the reason I joined the forum… I saw from one of the links that talks about a particular Lexmark printhead. I have called many times to you guys, I usually tell you in your head…, send families to the correct NOT part number and for non-Dell models. I told her (the manager) that the idea of ​​having this site run by the people who are now there and some ordered and produced worked, but she was still adamant that they no longer make printers through Dell ( as I saw on the Dell website). some time ago, plus some more V-series… Looks like it’s being replacedThey bought Cannon printers!), and on the way he never told me that this thing would work. She insisted that we go to Dell. .we .and .know .what .they .are .most likely to .say…….” is no longer available, we can now sell this other printer directly to you!”

    I just wanted to “add” help it to the list of unsatisfied Dell printer customers… and share my experience with the Dell V-515W and test it with the Lexmark technical team.

  • HP Officejet Pro 6830, Model 6 and colon; Version header issues

    You have an Officejet Pro 6830 model 6835. Received an error message indicating that this printer has a problem with photo printing. The problem is also with code oxc19a0020. Troubleshooting – run daily to actually fix the problem, but without success. , reset the cartridge switch, and turn off Incl(.Source), but nothing works. Purchased on 04/23/15. Only thrice old. Help!

    Hi, I would suggest calling hp support right away as it is likely that the user will need a printer replacement.

    In such aluchae, can you tell me how someone is?

    Thank you

    printhead error on dell v515w


  • printhead error on dell v515w

    Printhead problem on Officejet 8500


    I just replaced all the ink cartridges, but the problem with the print head remains. Message informing you that you need to replace the print head to continue printing.

    Didn’t I do this when I changed ink cartridges? The visual instructions on the printer seem real, showing a slightly different model from mine, as well as a printhead that appears to be detached. This shouldn’t happen with my model. Anyway, the instructions also say that I can click the “Replace printhead here” button in the main menu and never get to the main menu on my own, luckily it will get stuck in the “printhead problem” email.

    I would appreciate any help on how to do this!

    Thanks in advance!

    Does this image help you?

  • Print head problem


    How do you fix a broken printhead?

    Clean the print head. First, your organization must press the power button to turn off the printer.Restart the printer. First, you must manually turn on the printer and wait for the printer to go into standby mode and become silent.Usually the print head is replaced.

    I copied the instructionfor a problem with the print manager for my HP Officejet Pro 6830. However, when I place an order, the next thing I get is a text message from someone: “This product could be better delivered by HP”. You can check this site for possible solutions. »

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