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How Do I Resolve Printer Error 6161?

This user guide will help you if you encounter printer error 6161.

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    This error can be caused by one of the following situations: The printer cannot be accessed from the network topic. Windows cannot allocate adequate memory. The project spooler received invalid or shared data.

    Hello everyone. Hopefully someone can point everyone in the right direction. I’ve tried everything and hope someone can point out some things that I haven’t thought of yet! 🙂

    I have a Windows 2000 domain due to about 30 computers, many of which are running Windows XP Pro (excluding service packs, etc.).

    One of you may see that the computer (after sales service) is equipped with an HP Laserjet 1000 USB printer. About 6 users order photo services from this shared printer so that service personnel can easily order them. get straight from printer Good deal.

    Now 4 users can no longer print on this excellent printer. One gets the impression that the occupation is over. The customer who printed the document will NOT see errors. In the information, the user sees “This form has been submitted to Printer message.

    Then after sales service technology error 6161 appears in the system event log with details:

    • Source: Print
    • Type: Error
    • Category: None
    • Event ID: 6161
    • Description:The TEST.PDF document used by [the user] could not be printed on the HP LaserJet 1000 printer. Data classification: RAW. Size of spool information in 0 bytes:. From several bytes printed: 0. Total document pages: 1. Printed pages: 0. Client workstation: [PC name]. Win32 error code returned as a result of the print processor: 0 (0x0).

    Please note, SOME users can print stably on this printer. Nothing changes the permissions of the current user. All users are people in the same organizational unit and are undoubtedly members of the same group. I tried this:

    Connect to another computer associated with problem users: PRINT END!
    Log in to the problem PC as another client: PRINT END!

    Therefore, I havedeleted one for the local profile of the problematic user and recreated it on a computer that works fine specifically for that user. p>

    So, on this service PC, I changed these permissions for the c: windows system32 spool directory and most of the subdirectories to give “full control to everyone”. Always the same mistake.

    Then I connected an excellent printer of another model and shared the P1005) (Laserjet). It worked fine for a while and then stopped again.

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  • I see that print jobs are in the graphics queue of the service printer. After a few seconds, these tasks disappear as if the device handled them and are actually recorded.

    Looks like this error occurred with FOUR users. However, the same number of users can connect to other devices and print easily to a silent printer without any problem for the device. It really looks like a problem with the local profile of each user, but as I said, I completely deleted and recreated their local profiles and the error appears again.

    printer error 6161

    Ythese recording users do not have roaming profiles. Don’t do anything out of the ordinary with their computers. Antivirus, average IE, that’s all.

    • Restart all computers in the main issue.
    • Restart the print spooler.
    • Verify the installation of the vast majority of your current drivers.
    • Make sure no tasks have been completed and blocked in your current queue

    One more note:
    When I select “Print Test Page” from the list of printers, it prints correctly. However, nothing else gets printed besides the idea of ​​TEST Notepad!

    I have a Windows 2003 server. All current updates are configured. Yesterday we set a roaming credit and since then we cannot print to the terminal in order to be able to start the printers. As soon as you set up a print job, errors occur and we also receive the following error message in the viewer.

    The test page document, which was actually in the possession of the administrator, was unable to print the printer ink on the HP LaserJet 4 Plus (from *****) In session 3. Data set: NT EMF 1.008. The size of most of the bytes of the spooled file is 74852. The number of bytes printed: 0. The total number of mobile document pages: 4. The number of pages printed: 0. Client station: ****** *. Win32 error code caused by print processor 3: The system cannot find the path specified here. Yes

    I’ve been observing this for 2 days now and use almost everything ……

    Even though it might be too late … (once you get the hang of it) it’s easy.

    In most cases, the reason for the accumulation of records until they are locked is the end of the session, not its execution. The tree leaves these sessions, reusing some, but walking with it and not deleting others until … uh.

    printer error 6161

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