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What To Do If The Print Spooler Is Not Working In Windows Vista?

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    Print Spooler Will Stop Automatically (troubleshooting)

    Why does my Print Spooler keep turning off?

    Sometimes the print spooler service can stop seeing print spooler files – redundant, pending, or corrupted files. Deleting the print spooler files may remove pending print jobs or many files or questionable files to resolve the issue.

    Under XP, Windows Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 Windows 10


    How do I fix a spooler problem?

    In the search box on the taskbar, type services, then select Services from the list of results.Select the current Standards tab, then double-click Print Spooler in the Services list.Select Stop, then select OK.

    I’m getting a “Message print spooler is not running” error when I print. Then I will manually start the services on theone provider. I started the Ink Spooler service and it started successfully. Luckily this was stopped immediately after a few seconds. It looks like the print spooler provider is automatically crashing windows 7. The print spooler does not stay enabled. At some point, I specified a print handle to print the document, and it throws the same error message again. Then I checked the special service “Print Spooler” on the “Services” page, the site stopped again there.

    Solved Answer

    print spooler wont stay running windows vista

    In this post, you will learn how to fix the “Print Spooler Service Keeps Stopping Automatically” error. In fact, there are several reasons at the moment, the main one being that the driver does not agree (update your printer drivers). Of course, we have explained everything in this article, please follow the instructions below to get rid of this nightmare “Print spooler keeps crashing. Stop”. If you have perfectly completed all the above steps, I am sure that the difficulties can no longer exist. dis servicespooler manager stops printing automatically, spooler center stops printing automatically, spooler protection, spooler stops unexpectedly, spooler stops, printer cannot be installed.


    • (For Windows 7 xp) Click Start, then click Run, then type Services.msc in the Run field and press Enter.
    • (For Windows 7, 8 , Vista) Click Start again, then type Services.msc in the search box and press Enter

    2. Locate the print spooler service and enable it twice.

    2. You will see a big Stop button. Stop the service to be produced for

    4. (Important step) Change the value of the “first and second error” error in the recovery tab

    • Change “Failed” from “First” to “Restart Service”.
    • Change the incremental value from “Second Failure” to “Restart”. actual service”

    5. Make sure the RPC service is a dependency of the print spooler.”

    • Delete “print all files of this process to the following path (make clean)
    • c:windowssystem32spoolPRINTERS
    • Go to the spooler configuration page and simply click the start button.

    If The Problem Persists, You Should Look For Other Additional Additional Steps

    9. (Important step) Run “SFC hold /scannow” at the command prompt (as administrator)

    print spooler wont stay running windows vista


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  • 10 (Important step) Run the correct command “chkdsk /f /r” at the command prompt (as administrator)

    chkdsk /f /r

    12. (Important step) Make sure all printers are installed with the correct operators. “There are no driver conflicts” (please reinstall the printer drivers)

    Step 13. Often Get The Name And Path Of The “.dll” File, Which Actually Conflicts If You Have A Spooler Print Service.

    • Right click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”. You will get another window.
    • Click on the arrow in the viewer (in the direction of “Event, expand it”).
    • Click on the arrow associated with “Windows Logs” (to expand) .
    • Click “Application” under “Windows Logs”.
    • Now look at the right panel, all system logs are listed there.
    • Now scroll down/up to find the error (red cross error) which is usually related to the print spooler service. Once you get the game, double click on it to get the full details of the error (these logs are generated by programs when you encounter errors or difficulties, so please find the error, this time your d spooler service module will crash. )
    • Now you have the most important information about error messages. Find any “.dll” filename and path in this detail.
    • You now have a specific “.dll” filename and location where you are running the wiggle service from the print spooler.
    • < li>So resolve the conflict by renaming the “.dll” file.
      Follow the appropriate steps for those in the folder using the following procedure below.1. If the “.dll” printer driver file found is useful, you can rename and delete the file, restart the computer, and then easily reinstall the personal printer driver. If the “.dll” file found is generally associated with andusing a third party, you can uninstall and reinstall the application if you wish to use this application. You can also rename and delete most files if they don’t exactly match Windows system files. After that, your laptop or computer will restart once.3. If the “.dll” file found is related to the location of Windows system files, you may be prohibited from renaming and deleting the file because, if left untreated, it can harm your operating system. To solve this problem, you need to use “SFC /scannow” or “chkdsk” or the Combo Fix tool to repair your Windows (Comobofix is ​​a third party program (free tool) but it can fix a lot of Windows problems). After restarting your PC than your PC once.

      SFC /scannowchkdsk

    Q: “Local product spooler service keeps stopping”, the idea starts and immediately stops. I tried restarting via computer management services although the image spooler keeps crashing for a few seconds after the crash. . Hope

    a: The above solution is intended to help you solve the problem in the best possible way.

    How do I fix a corrupt Print Spooler?

    Delete all print jobs in this fact folder.Go back to Services, select Print Spooler and right click. Now sit on the “Start”. ‘Now open the closed program and try to create the desired document normally.

    Q: I removed the text queue from the spool folder. But he always remained printed and extreme. The message is printed and disappears. Why does the print spooler stop? I tried to rebuild the spooler.

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