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How To Fix Print Spooler Server 2012 Error

Here are some easy steps that can help you solve Print Spooler Server 2012 issue.

How do I restart the Print Spooler server?

Scroll down and click or filter the systems that click Print Spooler.Click or tap on the Restart Service heading.Windows will try to start the service.As soon as the state of the print spooler is executed (example below). The print spooler service starts.

Several buffering conditions have occurred on my Windows R2 2012 server over the past few months.

Every morning I get support for blocking ticket printers. I would restartthe print spooler and it would come back. Sometimes I had to repeat this for most of the day.

  1. I have looked at the logs for this particular server and it looks like this is not the case.
  2. I have verified that all printer drivers are up to date
  3. I have verified that all printer firmware is up to date
  4. I have backed up all the latest operating system updates
  5. I ran CCleaner to remove broken links in the registry and clean them up completely.
  6. All contents of the spool directory (C: Windows System32 spool PRINTERS) have been deleted.
  7. I contacted IT support and the company, which is probably also puzzled.

I am available in case of a claim and would like to resolve this issue once and for all.

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We have 46 printers and associated servers from the following manufacturers.

  • HP
  • LANE
  • Does anyone have any tips for the future? do (aside from setting fire to the equipment and leave? … you can bet it’s mine)

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