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1068 Print Spooler Troubleshooting Tips

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    If you have Print Spooler 1068 installed on your computer, we hope this article will help you.

    Fixed: Print Spooler Error 1068

    How do I fix error 1068 the dependency service?


    When I try to install a printer or start the Print Spooler service, I receive the error “Windows cannot start print spooler support on local computer, dependency service error 1068” or the group could not start. How to solve the problem? I need help !!!


    If you receive this error message: “The Print Spooler Writer Service on Local Computer could not be started. Error 1068: The service or dependency group that helps start could not be started. When publishing, try installing the printer and try starting the print spooler service. This means that print spoolers do not suffer from the correct dependency as remote procedure control (RPC). Or, there might be another possibility that the RPC service did not start.

    There are several steps to take to resolve this issue.


    Automatic a Correction

    Download the Print Spooler error 1068 repair tool.exe program in addition to this run once. It will automatically fix error 1068 Text Print Spooler.

    Method 2

    Manual Actions

    Modify someone’s RPC service as a dependency from the command line.

    To change the dependency of the print spooler to RPCSS, follow these steps

    • Click Start, then click All Programs and then Accessories. Finally, here you can see the reason for the command, right click on Command Prompt and select the Run As option. Compared to “Administrator”, “a cinema screen with black lines appears. Now enter the following commands at the command prompt. Run them in the command theme window.
    • Run the following commands, highlighted in red (colored), one at a time in the command line (CMD), type the command, but press Enter (it may take a few seconds to execute.

      How do I rebuild the Print Spooler?

       Net Conquer Spoolersc RPCSS configuration spoolerNet Depend = First Steps with a Print Spoolerexit 

    Method 3

    • Click Start, Then Run And Type Regedit.exe.
    • Find The Following Registry Path
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Spooler
    • Display The DependOnService Value Twice In The Right Margin.
    • Delete The Last Data, Then Just Enter RPCSS.
    • Close The Registry Editor.
    • Delete All Normal Jobs In The Spooled Folder (the Print Job May Be Corrupted)
      C: WINDOWS System32 Spool PRINTERS
    • Restart Your Computer

    Method 4

    • Download batch instructions to automatically run the second method.
    • Download Spooler Dependency Repair.bat (Note – Run this batch file as administrator).

    print spooler 1068

    When finished, restart your computer. Your main problem will be resolved.

    If the problem persists, try this comprehensive print spooler repair resource for print spooler

    More Information On Print Spooler Error 1068


    Print Spooler Error 1068 is a common problem with healthy printers that occurs whendue to billing errors in the printer software or device driver. Spooler Print is software that acts as a notification medium between the printer and the Windows operating system. But sometimes it gets damaged due to a corrupted Windows driver or operating system. Both the Print Spooler Troubleshooter Service and the Screen Print Spooler Service cannot save their final state. we can fix “Print Spooler Error 1068” by doing some task. Because the question is not to find the cause of this error. And we cannot say for sure what actions will be taken to resolve this issue. First of all, you need to try uninstalling the printer driver and then reinstalling it for that, and that might fix the write spooler problem. But if not, you need to perform a series of additional tasks to get rid of the print spooler problem.


    The system actually wants the spooler to leave asterisks, anyway the system gets the system Which did not overflow, then try the system – start it, then the message d ‘Important error Error 1068, “The customs department does not exist. Or start the failed service or a group of dependencies.” 1068 print queues.

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  • Print Spooler Error 1068 The root cause of the error is that the print spooler does not have the correct dependency. It is also possible that the print spooler service has corrupted a virus. The print spooler is installation dependent (remote control of the rpc routine). If you receive a “Print Spooler Error 1068” error message when you start the Print Spooler service, it is usually possible that the RPC service never starts. Check the status of the RPC service, whether it is running or not. If it is running, it means that the Print Spooler service for computer printers has not identified the RPC service as a dependency. I

    print spooler 1068

    Whenever I tried to start any print spooler service in the morning, I got a specificI had error 1068, which meant: “The Dependency Service does not exist. or do you see a dependency service or shutdown group at startup? Is there an easy way to solve this problem without removing the schema? Can I do a restoration? If so, make it a strategy. Are you planning a problem? I tried to help start a system that was known to turn back time, but sometimes did nothing for me. I didn’t have a great opportunity to delete your print spooler, this is a computer, it was very annoying, an error popped up saying I could not find my destination, I had a laptop or computer a few weeks ago and I tried to use it all This is that where we usually start, let me install the printer. We get the error cde1068. You need help. Please ?


    Depending on the extreme situations your printer is connected to, your current spooler service may have other structured services that need to be enabled before the spooler service starts. If your dependent manager is atWhom it will not, at any time you will receive a 1068 error notification or an add-on message to a dependent service to start that print spooler service.

    How do I fix printer spooler error?

    How to switch the print spooler service when i get error 1068 when i actually try to start the print spooler service, error code 1068. The print spooler definitely won’t restart. Error 1068 Custom service is not associated with standard items. Failed to start the entire dependency or community service in Windows Vista XP, Windows 7, 8, or you took action to fix the fix and received the exact same 1068 message. The dependency service in the group failed with a print spooler error 1068 not starting. Actually, this issue is due to Windows XP error 1068, everyone who comes back to know how to stop the print spooler usually has to restore the service, then you can install the print spooler service, fix print spooler errors 1068

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