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What Does The Kayako Troubleshooter Support And How Do I Fix It?

Sometimes your system may give an error stating that troubleshooting is supported by Kayako. This problem can have many causes.

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    In this article, my wife and I explain what VPN error 789 is and how to fix it.

    What Can VPN Error 789 Mean?

    If you have become a regular computer user, you must have encountered VPN error 789. This is a common problem and therefore an error that occurs on single-user computers.

    An error message appears when an Internet PC user tries to use a VPN tool while using Microsoft Windows Attributes. VPN error 789 is preferred on Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems. Since the error is indeed common, you may be asked to wonder why you are showing the struggle and debug process.

    Why Use A VPN?

    VPN is a virtual private network. As the name suggests, it allows you to keep your privacy online. A VPN provides privacy and anonymity through a private core that runs over a public internet connection. This means that even though it’s available online, it’s online on a simplified web.

    As technology advances,Various VPNs have been developed. They are manufactured with different characteristics depending on the desired results. Some of them are free and others are paid. In some cases, the effectiveness of a VPN depends on its nature, structure, and how it is provided to citizens.

    It can be said that a paid VPN is undoubtedly more efficient and even more effective than a free VPN. As mentioned, some VPNs are offline with some caveats, while others come back for a nominal fee to get the full feature set.

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  • Various users have confirmed that there are issues with error prompts when using the above VPNs. Various reasons lead to these errors and are mentioned in the following sections. A common VPN error is error 789.

    If you are using the correct computer, you will occasionally see the message “VPN error 789: L2TP connection attempt failed”.

    This is a mistake, not to mention giving you goosebumps as I will prove it is one of the best fixeserrors. The solutions are effective and work with one-minute troubleshooting. While finding out the truth is an easy method, it’s important to understand some of the causes of error 789.

    Possible Causes Of VPN Errors In 789 Windows 7/10

    As mentioned earlier, error 789 occurs when someone on the computer tries to connect to Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). If the error occurs every time you try to connect, it should be obvious that there is a specific problem with the computer system or the VPN itself.

    On the one hand, be aware that this may indicate that your computer is not properly configured to connect to the VPN. On the other hand, it could be a sign that the VPN you are using is probably not working properly and therefore refusing connections from the PC.

    If the computer in question is not properly configured, all attempts, often to connect to a VPN, will be rejected, for example, until a connection to the server is established.

  • Presence of NAT on the network
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    This is the root cause of error 789. This occurs when the PC, VPN client, or PC server is logically behind theformation of network addresses. If NAT fix is ​​not implemented, requests may be blocked and network addresses will not be resolved in any way as they need to be translated.

  • Computer certificate error.
  • If the computer or PC or root computer certificate is not visible, the network or does not have a defined correct authentication protocol, an error will occur and you may receive error 789. It is important to note that if the computer ID is not visible, then whoever it is was, it is not available, I would say online.

  • Registry keys are missing
  • If the registry keys are definitely missing, it means that your computer keeps losing connection to the VPN, resulting in error 789. If the registry keys are missing, you can use the Registration Editor.

  • IPsec key modules are disabled while policy agents are running
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    If these two objects are disabled or stopped, or the VPN is down. These are the ones needed to work in private VPNs. Therefore, if both objects are not available for use,Error 789 appears.

    Fix VPN Error 789

    The solution to our error is simply to follow the correct troubleshooting instructions. In the world of information technology and computer networks, solutions are usually found by rebooting computer systems.

    This is literally the first solution, and to many it may seem like the right non-solution, but it turned out to work. So, when you encounter VPN error 789, the first thing to do is to restart your computer and try to connect to the VPN as before. If the error does not appear, you have solved the problem here.

    If the issue persists even after a short reboot, the troubleshooting steps below should help resolve the issue for now. It’s important to note that you don’t have to have all the solutions, as the very first one might be enough to ease your headache.

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