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Debugging Postgresql Errors Must Have A Link Easy Way

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    If you have a postgresql error that should have a link, this blog post might help.

    What grant option/trick do I need to give the first current user (“userA”) so that he can change the owner of an object owned by another user (“userC”) ?

    In particular, the contact table is owned by each user C, and when I run the following query to change the guardian to user B, it connects to all users A:

    Change table contact owner if you need user B;
    ERROR: Must be the owner of the referenced contact

    But user A has all the necessary protections to do it normally (the “Create to Schema” permission should be enough):

    provide select, insert, update, delete for all tables during userA's public schema;Provide the user with multiple options to select, use and update all the sequences in the schema;Allow user A to work with all aspects of the public schema;Provide suggestions, run all tables that exist in the public schema to user A;Pre Leave the creation available in the public schema for user A;grant user A the use of the public schema;

    [email protected]:~# psql -U userTo mydatabasemybase=>dt contact    list | relationsdiet name | Type | owner-------+---------+----------+---------audience | Phone | table | UserC(1st row)my base =>myDataBase=>Change table contact owner, finally userB;ERROR: Must be the owner of the relationmy base =>

    ERROR: Must be the parent owner of [your_table_here].

    Don’t worry, it really means what it says: you don’t really own the diagram (or don’t have a relationship), you’re trying to change it. Well, hey, I guess you might be worried if you can’t get someone else to proofread their reading and writing, if you can, that’s fine.

    I just had a problem executing some of the ALTER TABLE statements, and it turned out that one of the Postgres users I was logged into had tables I wanted to edit, not ownership. I wrote to the powerful administratorpor the database via email explaining what the problem is and he fixed the permissions. After that, my experts claim that the alter TABLE commands worked very well.

    If it helps, you can monitor your system’s tables by running this command on this postgresql command line:


    Here is a Postgresql identity command that shows something like this:

    relationship list diet | name | Type | owner——–+——+———–+—- —- audience | Blogs | dessert | Al average person | User | table | postgr

    In my case, I got this Postgres error message whenever I logged in as user “al” postgres and tried to change table names “users” belonging to the postgres username “Postgres”. Shortly thereafter, the DBA changed this so that the table was owned by “al”. Some of my ALTER TABLE statements worked fine.

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    We run into a problem when we say “ALTER TABLE” in Postgresql, evenwith rustic, homemade lighting, wanting the user to all have goodies like ALTER, “create, INSERT, DELETE, SELECT”. >

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  • dvdrental=# ADD table abc_test COLUMN Date of birth Timestamp without timezone;
    postgresql error must be owner of relation

    ERROR: Relationship owner la abc_test
    SQL status: 42501


    Suppose a user named “user1” has created a dinner table “abc_test” in the database “dvdrental”. Now people all over the world have created a user like “user2” and granted it all the permissions they want: “CREATE, MODIFY, INSERT, DELETE, SELECT”. If we now log in as “user2” and try and modify the terrace table “abc_test” we will get some kind of error as above.

    1.CREATE ROLE user2 WITH LOGIN Nosuperuser will inherit NOCREATEDB NOREPLICATION nocreaterole PASSWORD 'XXXXXX';

    2. Allow select, insert, update, delete schema of all public returned tables, user 2;
    Allow user 2 to select, use and update all sequence diagrams in criminal court;
    Provide complete diagram for all public functions to user 2;
    Pproviding trigger evidence, for all table schemas published last to become user 2. ;
    allow creation of a public schema to authorize the use of user2;
    allow user2 connected to a public schema;

    3. Log in as user2 run.
    dvdrental=#modify table abc_test ADD COLUMN date of birth when timezone does not exist;

    should be show error: owner abc_test be
    SQL status: < /pre>


    1. "user2" 42501

      didn't create table "abc_test" so "user1" is its creator or webmaster.

    2. "user2" is one of them superuser, although it has all privileges such as "CREATE, ALTER, INSERT, SELECT", delete, .not
    3. postgresql allows a user to change the structure of another user's object (ALTER TABLE) without owning that object. He can perform INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE operations according to his privileges.
    4. postgresql error must be owner of relation

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