You are currently viewing Fixed: How To Fix Audio Port That Is Not Standard Input.

Fixed: How To Fix Audio Port That Is Not Standard Input.

If your computer does not have a standard Portaudio input device, we hope this guide will help you solve the problem.

I want to run a new test program PortAudio to generate and read a sine wave. The experts say that I have included all the required h2 tag files. Actually the program compiles fine, but when I run it, the message “Default device not found” appears in the console.So anyone can give me a business solution.

  structure typedef    Move sine [TABLE_SIZE];    int left_phase;    int right_phase;    symbolic message [20];paTestDaten;static int patestCallback (...) // callback function....static void StreamFinished (void * userData)    paTestData * data implies (paTestData *) userData;    printf ("Stream finished:% s  n", data-> message);int main (void) // main function    PaStreamParameters outputParameters;    PaStream * stream;    PaError err;    paTestData data;    I AM; int printf ("PortAudio test: sine wave output. SR =% d, BufSize =% d  n", SAMPLE_RATE, FRAMES_PER_BUFFER);    / * Initialize the sine wave table * /    for (i = 0; i  defaultLowOutputLatency;   Output Parameters .hostApiSpecificStreamInfo = NULL;   Err = Pa_OpenStream    (       &Run,       NULL, / * no entry * /       & Output options,       SAMPLING FREQUENCY,       FRAMES_PER_BUFFER,       paClipOff, / * some of us don't sample out of scope, so don't worry about associated clipping * /       last reminder,       &Data    );    if (Err! = paNoError)        gotoErr or;    sprintf (data.message, "No message");    make an error = Pa_SetStreamFinishedCallback (stream, & StreamFinished);   If (error! = PaNoError)        transition error;    err = Pa_StartStream (constant stream);   If (err! Means paNoError)        transition error;    printf ("Reading% d seconds.  n", NUM_SECONDS);    Pa_Sleep (NUM_SECONDS 1000 *);    err = Pa_StopStream (current);    if (err! matches paNoError)        error transfer oda;    err = Pa_CloseStream (view);    if (go too far! = paNoError)        Visiting errors;    Pa_Finish ();    printf ("Test finished.  n");    go crazy;    Guilt:        Pa_Finish ();    fprintf (stderr, "An error occured while streaming audio from port  n");    fprintf (stderr, "error number:% d  n", make a mistake);    fprintf (stderr, "Error message:% s  n", Pa_GetErrorText (go too far));    ricochet again, error; 

portaudio no default input device

And after compilation and execution, I get the following output in a specific console: –

  PortAudio test: output sine wave. SR = Size Buf 44100, = 64Error: This is a non-standard output device.An error occured even if the portaudio stream was usedError number: 0Error message: successProcess returned (0x0) 2 execution time: 0 pTo continue, press 016 on almost any key. 

portaudio no default input device

Portaudio Sem Dispositivo De Entrada Padrao
Portaudio Kein Standardeingabegerat
Portaudio Sin Dispositivo De Entrada Predeterminado
Portaudio 기본 입력 장치 없음
Portaudio Nessun Dispositivo Di Input Predefinito
Portaudio Brak Domyslnego Urzadzenia Wejsciowego
Portaudio Pas De Peripherique D Entree Par Defaut
Portaudio Ingen Standardinmatningsenhet
Portaudio Net Ustrojstva Vvoda Po Umolchaniyu
Portaudio Geen Standaard Invoerapparaat